Week in Training 3/16/13

Another week has come and gone.  And with it, more miles.  I can’t believe that March is half over already!  I’m already at about 65 miles for the month and close to 300 for the year.   Here is what the week looked like.

Sunday: 4 miles  4 miles

Monday:  4 miles, with the possibility of some inclines  Whoops!  Forgot about the inclines.  😉  Still did the 4 miles.

Tuesday:  4 miles (this is changed from my interval workout) 4 miles

Wednesday: 6 miles with 4 at half marathon tempo  6 miles with 4.25 at half marathon tempo.

Thursday: 4 miles Overslept.  3 miles

Friday: 4 miles  4 miles

Saturday: Rest and drive to Two Rivers Rest.  And driving to Two Rivers.

It is a little strange not to be running on a Saturday.  But, I am going to use my time to get my things packed up for the race tomorrow. 

On a side note, this day last year, I completed an 11 mile training run outside and got sunburned.  Today, it is snowing.  What a difference!


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