Training Plan

Another week of more training.  As my goal half marathon nears, I am finding myself getting a little nervous.  Have I done everything I should?  Does my training plan have what it takes to get me across the finish line under two hours?  Can I trust the work that I’ve put in?  These things always start going through my head when I have a big goal that I’m trying to reach. 

I keep trying to remind myself that I put together a good training plan.  And, except for a few rare instances, I have gotten in all the workouts in the training plan.  I CAN do this!

Here is what the week is supposed to look like…

Saturday: 12 miles

Sunday: 4 miles (this may not happen, my sister is in town)

Monday: 4 miles

Tuesday: 6×800 intervals

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday 7 miles, 5 at half marathon tempo

Friday 4

Saturday: 6

Hoping for another successful week of training.  Every good workout adds to my ‘bank’ that I can draw from during the race.  Four weeks until race day!


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