Crash! (and my week in training)

I’m currently in the middle of having a nervous breakdown.  My laptop that I use for school decided to take it’s own life yesterday afternoon.  I am pretty much freaking out because all of my school work is on that hard drive.  Tim is going to check with a guy today to see if there is any way to recover the data. 

Not only is all my school stuff on there, but my running logs are on there.  I’m pretty bummed about that, too.  I keep pretty detailed records in an Excel spreadsheet and I really want to have that data.

Anyway, here is what I remember from my training the last week.

Saturday: 12 miles  12 miles.  On the treadmill.  It was glorious.

Sunday: 4 miles (this may not happen, my sister is in town)  4 miles before going to watch my sister dominate at volleyball.

Monday: 4 miles  4 miles

Tuesday: 6×800 intervals 6×800 intervals.  I love/hate intervals.

Wednesday: Rest 4 miles

Thursday 7 miles, 5 at half marathon tempo 7 miles with 5 at tempo

Friday 4  Rest

I decided to switch my rest days this week just to make my schedule a little easier.  And after the nervous breakdown last night over the dead hard drive, I’m glad I didn’t have to get up this morning to get a workout in.

And on top of everything else, I think Jaden might have an ear infection.  I took a peek in his ears this morning (with my Dr. Mom otoscope…everyone should have one) and his ear was all red.  He said it hurt for me to even touch it.  So, Tim has to take him in for an appointment this afternoon.  (Which is really a bummer, because it was Tim’s night to make dinner and now we probably won’t get home until late.)

If it’s not one thing, it’s another!  Have a great weekend (I’ll be redoing all my homework…and maybe having some wine).


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