Training plan

Life has been so stressful the last couple days.  After losing everything on my hard drive on Thursday, I have been working feverishly trying to get my old laptop to a state of functionality for school related things.  Actually, Tim has been the one doing all the work.  He had to install all sorts of programs for me and connect me to the printer and try to find a way for me to back up all my data to an online source so that I will never have the problem of lost data again.

While he has been busy doing all of this, I have been frantically trying to remember what I need to get done, what specific things I have lost forever, and what projects I was part-way through that I need to try to resurrect.  That, and studying for the two tests I have on Monday.  It has been quite stressful.

I had a friend drop off a bottle of wine for me last night, but I got home so late I didn’t drink any.  And tonight I’m on call, so I need to skip it tonight too.  But tomorrow….me + wine = stress reliever!

I am glad that I had already printed off my training plan for April, because it is now long gone.  I had only done my training plan through the end of April because that is when my goal race is.  After that race (and the next one), I’ll take a look at what races I have on the calendar for the summer and put something together.

I mentioned that my main training has been to attempt a sub-2:00 hour half marathon at the Oshkosh Half Marathon on April 21st.  I am really looking forward to this race and I think I might be able to accomplish my goal.  I thought I’d go ahead and do something crazy and run another half marathon 6 days after that one!  Why not, right?  So, on April 27th, I’ll be running the Pine Line half marathon.  This one is local.  I’ll actually be able to sleep in my own bed and drive the 28 minutes or so to the start line the morning of the race.

That brings my total to 4 half marathons so far.  I’m looking at one in Madison the end of May and maybe two more in August.  We’ll see how it works out.

Here is what my schedule looks like for this week…

Saturday: 6 miles easy

Sunday (Easter): 8×800

Monday: 4 before school

Tuesday: 7

Wednesday: 4, after a full day at Clinical.  I’m crossing my fingers that this one really happens

Thursday: rest

Friday: 3

Saturday: 12 (Tim is off, so if the weather is nice, I might actually try to do this one outside.  And then I’ll stay in, so Tim can get outside for a run!)


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