March Month in Review

(I love the irony of this.  I basically ONLY run on my treadmill!)

March mileage: 131 (possibly my highest mileage month ever)

January: 121

February: 106

2013 year to date:  365.  That is an average of just over 4 miles a day.

March long runs: 11 and 12 miles.  Both on the treadmill.  I just don’t hate the treadmill.  And it is still cold outside in Wisconsin. 

Planks: I worked on some side planks this month.  I would alternate between straight on and each side, spending 30 seconds in each position.  At the end of February, I was able to hold my plank for 2:15.  This month, I only made it to 2:33.  I was shaking at the end.  I think I need to work on stamina instead of so many side planks.  Oh well….still making progress.


March Races:  Point Bock and Two Rivers 10 Mile

Upcoming Races: Oshkosh Half Marathon (The ‘A’ Race) and Pine Line Half Marathon


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