Week in Training 4/6/13

This week marked the start of my second clinical rotation of the semester.  This means that instead of just being busy, I’m now insanely busy!  In addition to my theory courses, I will also be driving to Wausau 2 or 3 days a week to get actual experience with patients.  While I usually look forward to the opportunity to put into practice the things I have learned, the added time commitment is overwhelming.  Not only am I losing potential study time, but the increased workload is going to swallow up any tiny bit of unscheduled time I thought I had.

Somehow, I know I will get through the next 40-something days (44) until the end of the semester.  And, I’ll keep running, because it keeps me sane.

Here is what the week looked like.

Saturday: 6 miles easy  6 miles easy

Sunday (Easter): 8×800  8×800.  I was nervous about this workout.  I’ve never done that many intervals.  But…I felt amazing when I got done!

Monday: 4 before school  4 miles

Tuesday: 7 6 miles, had to cut it short to help get the kids ready in the morning.

Wednesday: 4, after a full day at Clinical.  I’m crossing my fingers that this one really happens 4 miles, with some added inclines.  After a stressful couple days, I needed some endorphins.

Thursday: rest  Rest

Friday: 3  3 miles before work

Saturday: 12 (Tim is off, so if the weather is nice, I might actually try to do this one outside.  And then I’ll stay in, so Tim can get outside for a run!)  12.4 miles.  On the treadmill because we got fresh snow last night. 

Seriously, I am so done with winter.  I’m starting to get nervous that I might be running the Oshkosh half marathon in subfreezing temps.  I need summer to get here.


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