Why I saved my runs

You may remember that I had to deal with the death of my hard drive recently.  I lost a ton of school work when my computer crashed, but I also lost all my running logs and training plans.  Most people might not think this is a huge deal, but I am Type-A and I love keeping track of my running.  It helps me to see how I’m doing and how I’ve improved.  And, I like to keep track of my PRs!

Anyway, thanks to DailyMile, I was able to reconstruct most of my running logs over the past couple of years.  It has been so interesting for me to look back over the running I’ve done.

I remember some specific runs….

Like the time I ran 12 miles in the rain on my birthday (2010) and thought I was totally bad-ass.

Like the time I ran so fast and hard on my treadmill after a friend died because I needed to do something to numb the pain.

Like the time I ran 22 miles training for my first marathon, and celebrating with a strawberry shake from the fast food restaurant I ran by 4 times.

Like the run when I suspected I might be pregnant (thanks, Logan).

I remember some specific races….

Running Tim’s first ever 5K.

My first half marathon…and running UPHILL to the finish line. (and getting beat by two guys dressed up in ketchup and mustard costumes)

Running two races on the same day.

My first marathon, and the mess of emotions I went through that day.

The 10K that I trained so hard to PR at, only to have the weather completely derail that goal.

Looking back over all those miles, I can see times when things were going well and times when things weren’t going so well.  I can times when I loved running and every run was a delight, and times when I had to just suck it up and get through it.  I can times when I used running to celebrate and times when I used running as an antidepressant.

I can see that most of 2011 was just a wash!

It is so encouraging to see my races times improving.  It is motivating to see my paces getting faster.  It is fulfilling to see myself meeting my goals.  It is humbling to see that my ‘hobby’ can be inspiring to others.

So, some people might think that I am neurotic for keeping track of every time I lace up my running shoes.  But I know that my most transforming moments come when I’m running.  Sometimes I need to be reminded of how far I’ve come.  I need to be reminded that regardless of the obstacles, I can overcome them.  I can succeed.  I can meet my goals. 

Maybe I just needed to be reminded of that this week.


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