My thoughts on Boston

I was stuck in class all day yesterday.  During the first part of the day, I was only peripherally paying attention to the lecture as I was watching the live stream of the elites running the Boston Marathon.  After the elites finished, I turned off the live stream and focused my attention back to school.  During one of my breaks, I checked facebook to see that Kara Goucher had tweeted something about an explosion at the marathon.  At the same time, my husband texted me the same thing.

I jumped on Twitter to see the updates.  I went to some news websites to see what they were saying.  Once again, I wasn’t really focused on school work.  I kept reading updates, horrified.  I couldn’t believe that something like this would happen at an event like the Boston Marathon.

I am not a fast runner.  I will never qualify for Boston.  I didn’t personally know anyone running the race this year.  Yet, somehow, this attack still feels personal.  I felt sick to my stomach.  I have never been able to understand why anyone would want to hurt or kill people they don’t even know.  But to do it at a marathon just seemed even more unbelievable. 

What struck me as comforting though, was how many people rushed INTO the chaos to help.  There were people on scene who were trained to help.  Law enforcement was there to help provide order.  EMS, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel were there to help with the injured.  There were ambulances and medical equipment on scene to help treat the injuries.  I can only imagine how much higher the death toll could have been if they hadn’t been as prepared as they were.

I also loved the interview I saw last night with the older runner who was thrown to the ground during the first blast.  (78 years old!)  He was asked if would keep running marathons.  He responding by saying that of course he would!

I wouldn’t have expected him to respond any differently.

Now, I need to find a way to explain to my seven year old that I am safe when I go to run races and he is safe when he watches me.  He seems to be stuck on the fact that an 8 year old boy died.  That is just a little too close for comfort.

My thoughts have been with Boston since I heard about this horrible event.  My prayers are for all the families who are dealing with lost and injured loved ones.  I can’t imagine what those people are going through right now.  And there is very little that I can do to practically help.  I will continue to pray.  And I will run.


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