Community Run for Breast Cancer race preview

On Saturday I’m going to do a local 5K.  Really local.  The start line is less than half a mile from my house!

I haven’t really raced a 5K since my PR last November at the Hewitt Pumpkin Run.  I haven’t really been doing any 5K specific training and I decided relatively last minute to do this race.  I honestly, have no idea what to expect from my body.  I mean, I have done two half marathons in the last two weeks!

But, I do plan to race it.  I had thought about just taking it easy and having a good time.  Instead, I think I’ll see what my legs have in them.  There’s no rule that says I can’t try hard and still have a good time.

The weather may decide to interrupt my plans.  It has been downright nasty today.  Some places even got snow!  Just a couple days ago, I had all the windows open and was enjoying 70 degree weather. 

Tomorrow is calling for a mixture of rain and snow.  Saturday looks a little better:

I’d prefer not to run in the rain, but it would be better than snow.

Here are my goals for the race:

C Goal: 27:30.  I haven’t done 5K-specific training, but I think I should be capable of an 8:51 pace.

B Goal: 26:50.  This would be an 8:38 pace.  If the weather is ok, I should be able to do this.

A Goal: 26:20.  8:28 pace.  I’m not sure if I have this in me.  Everything would have to fall into place.  I don’t think I have the speed for this (it is almost a full minute slower than my PR), because I’ve been working on my half marathons instead.

But, I’m looking forward to busting my butt for a 5K.  It is so completely different than a half marathon.  I’m hoping my body responds well.


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