Community Run for Breast Cancer race recap

Today I ran in a small, local 5K.  I really try to support as many local events as I can because I want there to be local events.  This race was not nearly as well attended as I had hoped.  There were about 10 of us that braved the rain and chilly temps.  This is my friend, Krissy and me pre-race.

The course started at the local bowling alley and then headed out around town.  The biggest negative about the course was that it had to cross a pretty big highway  right at the beginning, and again at the end.  Since the race was so small, there was no law enforcement to direct traffic.  There was a volunteer with a stop sign available at the street crossings to help out.  We were fortunate that there wasn’t much traffic and we were able to cross without much problem.

The other problem was that the course was short of a 5K.  My Garmin decided to only give me my overall time (no pace or distance), but I asked another runner and her device measured the course at 2.94.  That seemed about right.  My time was 23:30.

If the course had been accurate, my pace would have put me in line for a new PR.

I spent the entire race following a junior high kid, running in jeans and his winter jacket, with one shoe untied.  And I still couldn’t catch him.  But, he made for a nice pacer!

Here is a picture of us coming in to the finish line.  You can see him ahead of me.  And that is the highway we just crossed.

And, here is my finish line photo.  As you can see, it was cool enough for me to wear my gloves for the race.  That shouldn’t happen on May 4th.

I got first place in my age group.  No one needs to know that there were only two of us.

Here is a look at the medal.  Logan makes a nice model for the medal, don’t you think?


I thought about going out for another run after the race.  I don’t think that short of a distance is a good enough workout for the day!  (What a difference a couple years makes!)  Instead, I think I’m going to take the bike out for it’s first ride of the year.  The weather is improving, it has stopped raining and it isn’t that windy.  Could be a perfect day for an easy bike ride.  After all, I have a couple of duathalons this summer.


*I ran really well.  I felt really strong throughout.  And I won my age group…and a really cool medal.

*I love local races.  I love supporting local races.  I love running with friends.

*There were cupcakes after the race!  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a race that had cupcakes.


*The course was a tad short and I didn’t like having to cross the highway.  But those are two really easy fixes.

*The weather kept people away.  I think if it had been warmer, there would have been a much better turnout.

Overall Grade: B

I would definitely do the event again.  I wish there were more events in this area.  I hope the weather is nicer next time.


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