Woodson YMCA Duathlon Race Preview

Tim and I are racing this weekend!  We are both excited.  This will be Tim’s first adventure into a multi-sport event.  I have done three other duathlons in the past two years.  (Check out the recaps here, here and here.)  We also did a duathlon as a relay team a couple years ago.

The Woodson YMCA/Badger State Games Duathlon is part of the Central Wisconsin Duathlon Triple Crown.  There are three duathlons in three different towns in three months.  There are extra prizes available for the people who place in each event and you get an extra shirt if you do all three events.  Tim and I are planning to do all three.  This is the first one and the only one of the three that I have never done before.

I am quite undertrained for the bike portion of this event.  I have probably only been on my road bike three times this spring.  I blame the weather.  Up until this week, it has been cold and rainy…not exactly good biking weather.  But, since I know I’m not going to win this event, it isn’t that big of a deal.

The stress I experience going into a duathlon is completely different from the stress before a regular running race.  For a duathlon, I’m always worried about my bike.  Will I get a flat tire?  Will the chain fall off (happened last year)?  Will I be able to make it up any hills?  Will I fall during the transitions?  What if it is raining and the roads are slippery?  Will both bikes even fit on the bike rack so we can get to the race?

This time I’m also worried about Tim.  He has never done anything like this before, so I want to make sure that he is as prepared as possible so that he can have an enjoyable experience.  I want to help him set up his transition area so that he can do his switches as easily as possible.  Granted, he will be faster than I will be through transitions because he won’t have to change his shoes for the bike portion. (Maybe I should bring two pairs of running shoes.  I can have the first pair on for the first run section.  I can just kick them off before the bike.  Then I’ll have the second pair already untied for the second run.  It would save me a little bit of time.)

I still need to lay out all my gear and make sure I have everything I need for the transition.  I always take a towel to put everything on.  I need to make sure I have my helmet, Garmin, bike shoes, water bottle, sun glasses, ipod and ear buds (for the run portion only), sunscreen, SPIbelt, gum.  I’m sure I’m missing something.

The good thing is that we don’t have to stay overnight anywhere for this race.  we just have to leave super-early to get there in time for bike check and the pre-race safety meeting…and to set up our transitions.  I does make it easier to remember everything when I am waking up in my own house. 

I’m hoping the weather cooperates.  It is finally getting warm in Wisconsin.  Although we pretty much skipped spring and have jumped right into summer temps.  I love warm weather, but I do hope that my body can acclimate quickly to racing in it!  It is looking like rain on Saturday and that makes me nervous.  I don’t mind running in the rain, but biking in the rain scares me.  I’m afraid I’ll wipe out and end up with some horrible road rash.

The other duathlons in the series are the Hub Cites Duathlon in July and the Run, Bike, Unite Duathlon in August.  Tim has already taken off work for both of these races, we just need to do the official registration.

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