June Month in Review

The month where I achieved two different PRs that I never thought were possible!

June mileage: 134 Second highest mileage for the year.  And it would have been even higher, but I took a couple extra rest days toward the end of the month.  I think my body needed it.

May: 132

April: 130

March: 139

February: 106

January: 121

2013 mileage to date: 761.  That averages out to a little over 126 miles per month.  I don’t think that I will continue that trend.  I know that after my last half marathon (potentially the end of October), I will taper down my running.  The winter is usually a bit slower because there aren’t as many races.  But, I’m still not sure what I should shoot for as a 2013 total mileage goal.  Maybe 1300 miles?  That would make sense.

June long runs: None.  Just races.

Planks: Last month, I finally made it past the three minute mark with a 3:03.  This month, I ended with a 3:15.  While it is progress, it isn’t what I had hoped for, and I was shaking by the time I collapsed into a heap on the floor.  I guess I probably did take a few too many days off.  Time to refocus.

June races: Bellin Run, Woodson YMCA Duathlon, Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon

Upcoming Races: Red, White and Boom Half Marathon on July 4th (Tim’s first half marathon), Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run on July 20th (coaching my couch to 5K ladies), Hub Cities Duathlon on July 27th.

How was your June?


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