Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run Race Preview

This race is important to me for a lot of reasons.  I talk about a lot of those reasons in last year’s race preview and recap.  But this race also marks the anniversary of my first-ever race.  Back in 2009, I ran this 5K.  I had never run a race before.  This event marked the first time I ever, really became a runner.  Since then, I’ve run this race every year.  And I will continue to run this race every year. 

This year, I will get to run this race with a few ladies who have spent the first part of the summer training for it.  I was fortunate enough to coach a Couch to 5K program.  I have absolutely loved doing this.  It has been the highlight of my week.  I have enjoyed watching these ladies go through the program and improve each and every week.  Unfortunately, not all of them will be able to race with us on Saturday.  A few of them will be out of town or dealing with prior engagements.  But, there are a couple who will lace up their shoes and pound the pavement for 3.1 miles on Saturday. 

And I will be there doing it with them.  I can’t wait.  It is going to be a great culmination of their hard work.

So, there is really only one goal for this race:  to make sure that each lady who lines up at the starting line, makes it to the finish line…hopefully with a smile on her face and a sense of how strong she really is.

In other news, Tim is racing the 5K.  I think he might be in a position to PR.  His current PR is 26:29 from last year’s Green Bay Packer 5K.  If everything works out, I’d say he has a decent shot!

After struggling through the last few days of 90+ degree temps and super-high humidity, race morning looks to be perfect!

2 thoughts on “Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run Race Preview

  1. So cool for you to give back this way!!! Love to recall the fear of that first 5K!!! Remember mine well in 2004….could I (gasp) survive a whole three point one miles????? Enjoy!!

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