Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run Race Recap

This race was awesome!  Not only did I race well, but (more importantly) the entire community came out to support a fallen hero.

Since most of my Couch to 5K ladies were on vacation the weekend of the race, I decided to run my own race and then double back and finish with my friend, Sarah.

So, I was hoping to set a new PR of anything under 25:25 (that I ran last fall at the Hewitt Pumpkin Run).

How’s this for foreshadowing: I end up taking home one of those trophies!  (subtle, right?)

My mom was trying to learn how to take pictures on my phone, and she ended up with this gem of me and Tim doing our best T Rex impersonations!  Random.

This event also has a one mile kids’ run.  Jaden did the event for the 3rd or 4th year in a row.  He had a great time!  I’m not sure if he really belongs right out front, but he had no qualms about lining up there.

Here comes Jaden finishing strong.  Notice the really fast 5K runner right on his heals!  Jaden said he only had to stop and walk a couple times during the one mile race.  I think he could be getting close to being ready for his first 5K.  He just needs the confidence to know he could do it!

I love his post-race thumbs-up.  He also made quite a dent in that pile of bagels in the background!!

Here is my finishing shot that my mom took.  I’m glad she figured out how to work the camera on my phone!  Although, she missed getting a photo of Tim crossing the line.

So, let me take a moment to break down the race.  I started out running with a friend from high school.  She is one of those people who is a naturally gifted runner and someone who I’ve always envied a bit.  She was planning on doing about 8:00/miles.  I figured that I could handle that…and maybe even a little more.

Within the first mile, I let my legs find their rhythm.  Their rhythm was faster than I anticipated.  I was cruising along pretty fast, and I was feeling pretty good.  I was working hard, but not so hard that I couldn’t still wave and say hi to the other runners that I saw at the small out-and-back section of the course.

We had a nice little rain shower during the first and second mile that really helped.  It kept me from overheating and kinda made me wish that I could order that weather for every race for the rest of the year!

I tried to settle in a little bit during the second mile.  I didn’t want to burn out and not have anything left for the finish.  I started to feel a little drained during the second mile…like maybe the pace I had taken the first mile was more than what I could maintain.

Around mile 2.5, the 10K runners branch off.  This is where you can see who is racing with you.  As I was nearing the end of the race, I turned around to see if anyone was behind me.  I could see a lady in an orange-ish tank top.  While I had no idea whether or not she was in my age group, I made it my mission to NOT let her catch me.  I tried to really turn it on at the end.

As I approached the finish line, I saw my dad holding Logan and then I saw Jaden.  He still looked winded from his race.  Just as I got to the finish line, I saw my mom.  I was ecstatic with my time!

I was pretty happy with my splits, too.  They are pretty even, but I think I can probably work on not giving quite as much back during that second mile.  Regardless, it was a PR by 1:53.  I know that I am still improving as a runner, but I had no idea that I was still capable of taking almost 2 minutes off my 5K time.

I quickly grabbed a bottle of water and started walking the course in reverse so that I could find Sarah.  It felt so good to be able to encourage every single runner who was working hard to finish the race, including seeing Tim coming in toward the finish line.  I found Sarah about half a mile from the finish and was able to run the last bit of the race with her.  She did amazing!  She was able to finish strong and at one point, we even talked about the possibility of her doing another 5K next month.  Oh, and did I mention that she’s pregnant!  Way to go Sarah!!

Once we got back to the finish area, I caught up with Jaden to see how his race went.  I found Tim and saw that he had set an amazing PR by 1:49!!

Then, I was interviewed by the local news station.  When I was asked, I momentarily freaked out, because I kinda looked like crap.  After all, I had just PRed my 5K and I was all sweaty and nasty looking.  But, since the reporter wanted to talk about why this event was renamed to honor my friend, I decided that I could look like crap in front of thousands of TV viewers. 

Now, if I was really cool and technologically savvy, I could embed the video into the blog and you could watch it.  Unfortunately for you, I’m not that cool.  Sorry.  You’ll just have to deal with it and click on the link instead.

After my brush with fame, it was time for the awards ceremony.  Since the timing company had been posting results on the side of a trailer, I knew that I had finished 2nd in my age group.  Awesome!  I never win anything.  Except this trophy.

On a side note, that is the lady in the orange-ish tank who was running behind me.  She WAS in my age group and she ended up in third.  Glad I didn’t let her pass me.


*Awesome race to honor an awesome guy.  The community is super-supportive.

*I got a great PR!  And an age group award.  (although medals are easier to display than trophies)

*Really flat course.  Easy to PR.

*I got to see a lot of my friends who were either racing, participating in the 5K walk, or running the mile race with their kids.


*Shirts weren’t included in the registration price this year.  I’m hoping we can work on changing that for next year.

*The kids race takes place during the 5K/10K, so if you are racing, you don’t get to watch your kids.

Overall: A-

I will definitely do this race again next year…and every year that I am physically capable.  I love being able to support local events.

3 thoughts on “Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run Race Recap

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  2. Great race, Heather!! Very cool you PRed in a local race and so did your son!!

    And your interview was just fine…you looked just like a runner should look…very clear and articulate!!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Joe! I had a couple people at work refer to me as ‘The Famous Heather’ after they saw my interview. I laughed at them. They are used to seeing me with my hair down, so they almost didn’t recognize me in the video!

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