July Month in Review

The month with Tim’s first half marathon and my new 5K PR.

July mileage: 167.  Highest monthly mileage ever.  I took three rest days for the month.

June: 134

May: 132

April: 130

March: 139

February: 106

January: 121

Total for 2013:  928 miles.  I am really surprised at how well I’ve been handling the mileage this year.  Last year, I reached 1000 miles in November and that was after marathon training.  This year, I have been more consistent with my running and the mileage has increased.  I feel quite confident that I will reach my 1300 mile goal.

July long runs: A terrible 15 miler, 9 miles, 10 miles

Planks:  Last month I ended with a 3:15.  This month I managed to make it to 3:33 before collapsing in a shaking heap on my living room floor.  I think I need to revamp the plan.  Which is to say, I think I need a plan.  Right now, I just kinda wing it and do a plank or two a few nights a week and try to max out around the end of the month.  There are some plans out there and a dailymile friend suggested that I try to max out every 7-10 days.  I will look into this.  My progress has been slow.

July Races:  Red, White and Boom Half Marathon, Jamison Kampmeyer Memorial Run (5K), Hub Cities Duathlon  I have completed 6 half marathons in my 2013 goal of 13 half marathons.

Upcoming Races:  The Electric Run, Pure Water Days Half Marathon, Madison Mini Marathon, Run, Bike, Unite Duathlon, Justiceworks Half Marathon  Yep, I am racing every weekend in August. 

How was your July?


2 thoughts on “July Month in Review

  1. A solid month for you, Heather…nicely done. Good plan on all the HMs.

    I just registered for the January indoor marathon in Milwaukee, so I’ll get my own bit of Wisconsin running in soon!!

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