Pure Water Days Half Marathon Race Preview

I think it’s odd that I haven’t done a half marathon in over a month.  I think it’s odd that I think that’s odd.

I signed up for the Leinenkugel’s Pure Water Days Half Marathon because it is relatively local…about an hour away.  That means that I don’t have to go the night before and spend the night anywhere.  I’ll just get up early on race morning and head over to Chippewa Falls.  The half marathon starts at 8:00, so it will be an early wake up call.

I’m not sure I would ever do this race if I wasn’t doing my thirteen half marathons this year.  Even though it is close, it is a challenging course.  According to the website:

Half Marathon course: (Challenging) Nice mix of hills and flats. One major climb at about the 4.5 mile mark. Finish with a taxing 1,000 meter gradual climb.

The race website doesn’t have an elevation profile, but they do have a good map of the course.  I was able to trace the course into mapmyrun and get my own elevation map.

It may not be exact (because I don’t really see a ‘taxing 1000 meter gradual climb’ at the finish), but it gives me an idea of what to expect.  I don’t like expecting a hill that lasts for a couple miles.  Annoyed

The plan is to pick my mom up a little before 6:00 and make the drive over to the YMCA in Chippewa Falls.  I am hoping to get there around 7:00 so that I can do my prerace routine of standing around being sorta nervous and then get in the porta potty line two or three times.  At least I won’t have to worry about  bag check.  I’ll just wear my sweatshirt until right before the race and then give it to my mom.  She’s like my groupie!

My mom and I have plans to hit up the Leinenkugel’s brewery tour after the race.  I was excited to hear from the race director that the showers at the YMCA will be available to us after the race.  I’m hoping to be ready in time for the 11:00 brewery tour.  Followed by lunch…maybe at the Olive Garden.  It’s one of my mom’s favorites.

This isn’t a goal race for me this year.  I knew going in that there were some hills to deal with.  And August is a very heavy racing month for me.  I have a race every weekend.  So, I don’t have any sort of aggressive time goals for this race.

C Goal: 2:10 (9:55/mile) This should be totally doable, even with the massive hill.  If I can just take it easy and not over do it, I would be fine with this time.

B Goal: 2:05 (9:32/mile)  This is my ‘easy’ training pace.  Of course, my typical ‘easy’ runs, don’t have a huge hill at mile 4.5.

A Goal: 2:03.  (9:23/mile)   I have another half marathon the following weekend where I am going to work harder and try for a better time.  I don’t think I want to run this race faster than a 2:03.  I don’t want to completely trash my legs.  (In fact, maybe I should adjust the goals and shoot for as close to a 2:05 as I can.)

The weather has been a factor in most of my races this year.  I’ve dealt with everything from wind to rain to snow to freezing temperatures.  I can count on one hand (one finger?) the number of times I’ve had race weather that has been anywhere close to pleasant.  I don’t want to jinx it, but it is looking favorable!

Is anyone else racing this weekend?

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