A bump in the road

School starts for me next week.  I think I am looking forward to it.  I know that it will be a lot of work, but I hope I’m ready for it.

Something I wasn’t ready for was an email I got yesterday morning.  I found out that I no longer have a job.  This is horrible news.  (Human Resources cut the funding for the the casual position I was working.)  While I wasn’t working many hours, we counted on my income to cover the cost of child care while I’m in school.  Trying to pay for three to four days of child care while I’m not making any money is going to be nearly impossible.

If I’m being completely honest, I’m also really bummed about what this means for my 13 half marathons goal.  I have completed 8 half marathons.  I’m registered for 4 more.  That means that there is only one more race that I have to register for.  I already know which one I want to run. 

The La Crosse Maple Leaf Half Marathon is only a month away and it fit perfectly into my racing schedule.  And it is a relatively inexpensive race….only $45 if I register before Sept. 13th.  However, if I’m not working I can’t even afford that.  After all, $45 is almost a full tank of gas.  And if I’m going to be driving back and forth to Wausau several times a week, I will be putting a lot of gas in my car. 

It is hard for me to accept that I may not reach this goal that I set for myself.  I don’t like it when I can’t reach a goal.  Especially when it is for a reason that is out of my control.  This is going to be a tough pill to swallow.


2 thoughts on “A bump in the road

  1. Life zigs and zags, Heather…you will persevere. I think it was Cheryl Crowe…”Every day is a winding road.”

    Persevere!! And keep first things first!!

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