Just Run Half Marathon Race Preview

Half Marathon #9 for the year is coming up…The Just Run Half marathon!

After my poor showing at the Madison Mini Marathon two weeks ago, I have been taking a couple of relative rest weeks.  I took a couple extra rest days and I haven’t done any long runs or anything high intensity (other than last weekend’s Run, Bike Unite Duathlon).  My idea was to give my legs a bit of a rest so that I could make a decent showing and hopefully redeem myself and feel a bit better about my performance.

Theoretically, my legs should be feeling pretty strong after two weeks of relatively light training.  Unfortunately, I’m just not feeling it.  I still feel pretty fatigued.  This is probably my last shot at a PR this year, and the stars just aren’t aligning.  I’ll still have a good time and enjoy myself, I’m just going to adjust my expectations.

Part of the adjust is due to the weather.  It appears that summer decided to make it’s appearance in Wisconsin in August this year.  Race day weather is going to be quite warm and humid.   Ninety-three percent humidity isn’t exactly PR-conditions.  And I’m okay with that.  I enjoy warm weather, but because I do most of my training on the treadmill, my body isn’t actually very acclimated to it.  I will probably melt by mile 8!

I couldn’t find an elevation map for this race.  The course map that is posted on their website isn’t very detailed.  I tried to create a turn by turn map on mapmyrun, but the course includes a couple trail sections and an out-and-back section (not sure exactly where the turn around point is).  So, I did the best that I could and this is what I came up with.    Not too shabby.  I prefer gradual inclines to sudden inclines…even if they do last for a few miles!

The race starts at 8:00.  I’ll try to leave my house by 6:00.  It takes just over an hour to get there from my house.  I will have to find a place to park and get my registration info when I get there….and then do all the usual pre-race stuff. Winking smile

According to the race information, there will be 8 water stations on the course.  I am contemplating taking my own fluids because of the expected weather conditions.  I don’t know how much, if any, of the course offers cloud cover and it might be nice to have water in between the planned water stations.

Considering the weather, and my fatigued legs, I’m just going to have one goal for the day:

Goal: Finish somewhere around 2:05.  Have a good time.  Be sure to drink plenty of water.  Walk the water stations.  Run a smart race, considering the conditions. Thank all the volunteers.  (And stop for frozen yogurt on the way home!)

Is anyone else racing this weekend?

I’m actually racing twice this weekend!  (That shouldn’t surprise anyone.)  Tim and I are doing a 10K on Monday.  Race Preview to come!


One thought on “Just Run Half Marathon Race Preview

  1. Hope it went well, Heather…yeah, this late summer heat/humidity is a bear.

    I’m running a Labor Day 15K…look forward to swapping results on our Monday races!!

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