Labor Day Dash Race Preview

Tim and I discovered the Labor Day Dash 10K a few weeks ago.  I don’t think I’ve ever raced on a Monday.  But, since I don’t have school and he is off work and my dad is willing to stay with the kids (and the registration was ridiculously cheap) and my awesome aunt lets us stay with her when we go to Madison, we figured we just HAD to do it!  Smile

The race benefits the Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center in Madison.  I’m always willing to run for a good cause.  There is also a 5K and a Tot Trot.  The website didn’t have a course map, but I emailed the race director and she responded pretty quickly.  I knew that the race started and ended at Vilas Park, but the website didn’t give any other information.

              Imagine my *delight* when I saw that the course ran right through the Arboretum (you can read those asterisks as ‘dripping with sarcasm’).  If you are unfamiliar with my feelings regarding running through the Arb, go read my race recap of the Madison Mini Marathon.  In a nutshell, I would rather run in a parking garage than run through the Arboretum.  So…yippee for me.

I traced the course on the trusty mapmyrun to get the elevation profile.

Just one real hill, but at least it’s over quick.  (Gee…after that hill, I can look forward to running through the Arboretum!)

Tim and I are going to run this race together.  We don’t plan to ‘race’ it.  Since I have a half marathon two days before, I am probably just going to use it as a ‘recovery’ run.

Tim’s training has been pretty sporadic lately because of the super-hot and humid weather.  He refuses to run on the treadmill or get up earlier than he has to, so his time to run is usually during the hottest part of the day.  Several of his planned runs haven’t happened.  I’m hoping this 10K will jump start him back into his half marathon training plan.  (We are running the Honky Tonk Half together in October.)

Registration starts at 8:00, so we won’t even have to get up super-early.  We should have plenty of time to eat some breakfast before making the 15 minute drive from my aunt’s house to the park where the race starts.  I’m not anticipating that this is going to be a huge event, so if we get there by 8:00, we should have plenty of time to pick up our registration stuff and do the porta potty thing, before the race begins at 9:00.

My goals for the race…

C Goal: Have a great time with Tim and try not to get too annoyed with running through the Arboretum.

B Goal:  Try to keep up with Tim.  I did just run a half marathon after all.

A Goal:  Don’t push the pace too hard so that I have to take a ton of time off.  I would like to get in a couple quality workouts before Tough Mudder next weekend.

The weather is looking to be perfect.  Both the temperature and the humidity are supposed to be more moderate than they have been the past week or so.

Here’s hoping I can get through a second race in one weekend.

Enjoy your Labor Day!


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