Tough Mudder Wisconsin Race Preview

This kinda snuck up on me this year.  It could be because I have done a race every weekend since the middle of July.  Now, all of a sudden, the most epic event of the year is here and I just don’t feel ready.  Although, I think it is probably impossible to ever feel ready for the Tough Mudder.

If you are unfamiliar, I did a series of posts recapping our experience doing the event last year.  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)  I would also check out the Tough Mudder site.  (Or, go to YouTube and search for all the crazy videos participants have posted.)

This year, the Wisconsin event is at the grounds of the EAA Aviation Center in Oshkosh.   It looks to be just as crazy as last year.

The benefit to having done this event before is that I have an idea of what to expect.  The disadvantage to having done this event before is that I have an idea of what to expect.

We are planning on meeting our team around 11:00 and start in the 11:20 or 11:40 wave.  It looks like it could be a warm day.  I hope the rain stays away…not that I have any hope of staying dry, anyway.

The course this year is 11.8 miles.  I think that is a little shorter than last year.  There are 23 obstacles on the map.  I know that some of them are going to be different than what we did last year.  Some of them will be the same.  Some of them haven’t been announced yet, and we will find out what they are when we get to them. 

Some of the toughest ones for me are back again this year.  I had a really hard time with the Boa Constrictor last year.  This is a culvert-sized tube that you crawl through.  It has water along the bottom.  I get claustrophobic.  Yippee.  Walk the Plank involves jumping from a 30 foot tall platform into a pond.  I’m a wee bit scared of heights.  Yippee. 

Then there is the Arctic Enema.  It is as much fun as it sounds.  I have no upper body strength, so there are going to be a few obstacles where I will be highly dependent on my teammates.  But, that is part of the fun.

The course took us about 4 hours to complete last year.  As we got to the last half dozen obstacles, it got a bit congested and we had to stand in line and wait.  I’m hoping that problem is alleviated this year.  Either way, I figure it will take us the better part of 3-4 hours to get through the course. 

I can’t wait to earn that orange headband.  And beer.  Mug

Then I’ll get to take the coldest shower of my life and change into some clean, dry clothes and try not to fall asleep as we drive back home.

It is going to be the most fun, exhausting, demanding day of the year.  And I can’t wait!

So…the goals for the day…


Try not to have an anxiety attack during the claustrophobia-inducing obstacles.  This is a very real possibility.

Take a flying leap off the Walk the Plank obstacle.  Last year I psyched myself out and got nervous.  It took a long time to finally work up the courage to jump.

Work as a team to get through the course.  Encourage everyone.  Accept help when I need it.  Offer help when I can.  And try to make it across the monkey bars. 

I think we have someone coming as a spectator this year, and I hope that he gets a ton of photos.  If I know him, he’ll probably end up with 1000 pictures of the day.  Unless it is raining or something.  I am really looking forward to this and I can’t wait to come back with the race recap.

Have you done a Tough Mudder event?  Would you?


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