Fox Cities Half Marathon Race Preview

Half marathon #10 is rapidly approaching.  It has been a few weeks since I ran my last one.  More importantly, it will be two weeks since my massive butt bruise injury at Tough Mudder

Originally, I was going to run this race with a friend.  This is going to be her first half marathon.  She is rocking her training and a few weeks ago, she decided that she would tackle the race on her own.  So, I made the decision to attempt a PR.  Maybe a crazy thought, considering this is my 10th half marathon since April and my legs have quite a few miles on them.  But, I figured that the relative rest that I took for the two weeks at the end of August would leave me feeling pretty fresh.

And, the elevation profile makes this a perfect course to attempt a PR.

Then came Tough Mudder and the stupid butt injury.  Now I haven’t been able to sit straight for almost two weeks.  I can’t run without feeling like I’m getting kicked by a horse with each and every step.  I haven’t done any speed work, any incline work, or any real tempo work in two weeks.  In face, every run I’ve done has been at an ‘easy’ pace.  I am feeling sluggish.  And…my butt hurts!

The Fox Cities Marathon weekend includes a kid’s run, 5K, half marathon and full marathon.  This was the location of my first marathon in 2010.  I still can’t believe how far I’ve come since I first tackled 26.2 miles.  Running is amazing!

But, running with an injury stinks!  My PR plan has gone out the window.  I’m going into this race with really no idea what I’m going to be able to do.  So, instead of stressing and getting pissed off when I don’t PR, I’m going to try to just relax (a big enough challenge for me) and enjoy myself.  I know several people who are running the half marathon…two of them doing their first half.  I know a couple people doing the full marathon…including a few speedy runners with a chance at a Boston qualifying time. 

I plan on heading over to the expo around mid-afternoon on Saturday.  I want to take a chance to look around and maybe get a new gear belt.  My old one is very stretched out and quite small.  I also have to get that stupid butt bruise taped.  My wonderful chiropractor is running the half as well and I am going to meet her over there for a new tape job.  She taped it up last weekend and again mid-week.  I’m absolutely positive that the healing that has happened has been hastened by the work that she has done. 

I am a little nervous about making sure I make it to the start line on time.  The race starts at 7:00 and it is a point-to-point course.  I think I have decided to park at the finish line and take the shuttle to the start line.  There are other park and ride locations, but I like the idea of having my car near the finish line and being able to leave when I want to…or of leaving a change of clothes in my car to change into after the race.  I’m going to try to get to the shuttle by 5:45, so I can get to the start and have time to hit up the porta potties.  And I might need to drop a gear bag.  It may be a bit chilly at the start line that early in the morning.

My goals….relatively laid back.

C Goal: Finish without too much pain…and still be able to walk.  Or should I say: still be able to sit.  Since I haven’t done any ‘quality’ workouts in several weeks, I don’t know how the injury will respond to high mileage/high intensity.  I hope I can get to the finish line and not feel like I need a bag of ice and a bottle of ibuprofen.

B Goal: Hang with the 2:00 pacer as long as possible, and have a good time.  If it hurts too much to hang with them, I’ll drop back.

A Goal:  If my butt feels good, and my legs have some spunk in them, I will try to pick it up around mile 6 or 7 and pull away from the 2:00 group.  Maybe I can increase the pace a bit in the last half of the race and come in around 1:57-1:58.

I was hoping for a sunny day with very little wind.  I can handle it being a little cool, as long as there isn’t any wind.  I’ll still whine at the starting line, but once I get moving, I should warm up pretty fast.  Instead, it appears that it is going to be downright COLD at the start and only warm up a little bit by the time I finish.  I may have to reevaluate what I am planning on wearing.

Oh!  And, I’m also volunteering for a local 5K mud run on Saturday morning, prior to driving over to the expo.  If you are local and looking for something to do on Saturday, check out the Udder Mudder.  Fun for all ages.  I’m really looking forward to volunteering.  I wish I could stay for longer, but because of my race, I can only volunteer until about noon.


2 thoughts on “Fox Cities Half Marathon Race Preview

  1. Hope it goes well, Sunday, Heather. Hope you can find a throw away sweatshirt to wear at the start with those temps. I had a change in plans and took a look at coming up there to run the marathon Sunday but it was too far, plus I found a marathon in Indy on Sunday (I’ll write that up next week). Hope the HM helps that deep bruise to loosen up. Enjoy it!!!

    Oh, did you ever see the link I sent you via the Brooks Fanatics FB page about how to clean muddy running shoes???

    Run well!!

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