September month in review

The month I hurt my butt….and got shingles.

September miles: 123.  Look at that–the same as last month.  I took 8 total days off this month and that seems like a lot, but after Tough Mudder, I had to deal with the butt bruise injury.

August: 123

July: 167

June: 134

May: 132

April: 130

March: 139

February: 106

January: 121

Total 2013 miles: 1173.  I’m getting really close to my goal of 1300 miles for the year.

September long runs: None.  Just races.

Planks:  Yeah…..pretty much gave up on this.  Last month’s PR was 3:46.  This month, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I think part of it was because of the butt bruise.  For a while, I actually couldn’t plank because it hurt too much.  Then I just lost interest.  I think this goal might be done. 

September Races:  Labor Day Dash 10K, Tough Mudder, Fox Cities Half Marathon, La Crosse YMCA Maple Leaf Half Marathon

Upcoming Races:  Honky Tonk Half Marathon (with Tim), Haunted Hustle Half Marathon

How is it possible that the year is 3/4 over?  Where has it gone?


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