Random update

*It has been 4 weeks since Tough Mudder.  I still have a decent bump on my butt from when I took a fall coming out of the Arctic Enema.  It hasn’t hurt anymore when I run, which is awesome, but every once in a while, I will sit the wrong way and realize that it is still sore.  All this serves to reinforce my decision to forgo the Tough Mudder next year.  I really want to run a fast (for me) marathon next year and it is hard to do that injured.

*Also, you may remember from my last race recap post, that I was lucky enough to get shingles recently!  If you don’t know what shingles is, I had Tim snap a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, it itches as much as it looks like it does.

Yes, that hurts as much as it looks like it does. 

When I first started feeling the symptoms, I thought I had a big bug bite on the back of my left shoulder.  Then, I started feeling like I had tiny bugs crawling on my back.  I even told Tim that I needed to take a shower just to try to get rid of that feeling. 

The next morning, I woke up and had several more of the welts on the back of my left shoulder and on the front shoulder/chest area.  It was the worst itching I have ever experienced.  At this point, I thought it was hives and that I was having an allergic reaction to something.  I took some Benadryl. 

By the next morning, it was starting to blister and the pain was intense.  I couldn’t wear anything that touched my shoulder/chest/neck.  It is hard to find an appropriate top that fits that description.  At some point that day, I started to look really closely at the sores and that is when it started to dawn on me what they were.  The pain and itching were classic symptoms, but the clearest sign was that the sores were only on the left side of my body.

I went immediately to the medicine cabinet and took an antiviral.  (I always have them on hand because I tend to get cold sores when I’m stressed out.)  I did some research and talked with some medical personnel and confirmed the diagnosis.  I got my hands on some more antivirals and weathered the storm.

It is now more than a week and a half since the outbreak.  The sores that blistered have now crusted over.  They still hurt, they still itch.  I hope this never happens to me again.  Oh, I can’t get the vaccine because I’m not 60.

*I have a lot of friends who are gearing up for their fall marathons.  Twin Cities is this weekend.  Chicago is next weekend.  New York is in a few weeks.  I’m not doing a marathon this year.  I thought that my 13 half marathons this year would keep me more than busy (and they have!), and I didn’t expect to feel so bummed out that I’m not running a marathon.  I’m kinda depressed about it.  I’m tossing around the idea of doing two marathons next year.  We’ll see. 

*Today was my dad’s retirement party.  He retired from the post office after a bunch of years (I forget).  We went to a nice gathering at a local watering hole and had a good time.  My dad recently bought an RV and will be spending the winter in Texas this year.  He’s leaving in a week and a half.  There are two boys who are going to have a really hard time dealing with not having grandpa around all winter.  They typically see him at least once a week.

Dad says that he’ll come up for a couple weeks around Christmas, but I don’t think he realizes how much he means to these two boys.  They are really going to miss him.

*My next half marathon is in two weeks.  I’m running it with Tim.  It will be his second half marathon this year (ever).  He hasn’t been training.  I think he ran a little more than 7 miles as his long run last week.  That is his longest run since the Red, White and Boom Half Marathon we did on the 4th of July.   He’s not ready.  I hope that he gets in at least one more long run before the race.  I don’t want him to be miserable during this one.

I think that’s all from here for now.  What’s going on in your corner of the world?  Have you ever had shingles?


One thought on “Random update

  1. So sorry about the shingles…wow…also not common in someone your age. Hang in there but I know the itching is tough.

    Don’t beat yourself up over non-marathons. That’s not a character flaw!!! 13 HMs is truly awesome in and of itself, especially at the speed you’ve run many of them. Next year will wait!!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

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