Honky Tonk Half Marathon Race Preview

Tim and I registered for this race a couple months ago when I saw a Groupon for something like $27 registration.  That is pretty awesome for a half marathon.  If it hadn’t been for the Groupon, I don’t think the Honky Tonk Half Marathon would have made it on our radar.  They are taking the country music theme and running with it!  And we don’t like country music.  Also, the course is pretty hilly.  And it is an out-and-back course…two things I try to avoid.

But, since it was a relatively inexpensive race and it was on a Sunday (Tim wouldn’t need a day off work), I announced that he would be running his second half marathon on this course. Winking smile  It worked well into my 13 half marathon goal for the year, since I didn’t have anything else lined up for this weekend.

The bad thing is that we don’t know anyone who lives in Wisconsin Dells, so we do have to pay for a hotel room for this race.  But, it is my 12th half marathon of the year and only our 3rd hotel room (and one of them we combined as an anniversary celebration).

After Tim’s first half marathon in July, I structured his training plan so that he could have a little bit of a break before ramping up the mileage leading into this race.  I would say that he was ‘inconsistent’ at best with his training the past few months.  He did manage a 10 miler two weeks before race day, so that should give him some confidence going in.

Our plan is to droop the kids off at my mom’s house on Saturday afternoon and head south as soon as Tim gets off work.  Packet pick up only lasts until 6:00 on Saturday (and they charge $10 for race day packet pick up), so we want to make sure we get there in time.  Then we’ll grab a bite to eat and head to our hotel.  I’m hoping I can get a late check out, so that we don’t have to stress out after the race.  Maybe we’ll even be able to stay and enjoy our post-race beer. Mug

The race starts at 8:00 on Sunday morning, so I’m sure we will try to get to sleep early and make sure we are as rested as we can be for the race.  There is free parking at the Chula Vista resort with a shuttle that will take us to the starting line.

There are no pacers, so we will just position ourselves toward the back.  I’m pretty sure we will use the first couple miles as a warm up, and then decide if we want to transition to a run/walk. Because of all the hills, we may just keep running at an easy pace and walk the hills when we need to.

I don’t have any type of time goal for this race.  Tim has slyly mentioned that he intends on making this my slowest half marathon ever.  I’m fine with that.  I just want to have a good time.  I want him to enjoy himself.  As long as we finish, that is fine.

Of course, I’m always thinking about the weather.  This is going to be a cold race.

I know a lot of people wouldn’t mind running in these conditions.  I am not one of those people.  The problem is that I have Reynaud’s.  I’ve mentioned it before.  Basically, in cold weather, the blood flow doesn’t get to the ends of my fingers (and toes) and I lose all sensation.  Once my hands get cold, I can’t get them warm again until I get inside…and even then, it can take several hours.

So, I will probably be wearing two pairs of gloves at the starting line.  If I can keep my fingers warm before I start running, I might be able to go down to just one pair of gloves during the race.

I’m definitely breaking out the running tights and jacket for this one.  I’m not sure if I’ll wear a hat, or just go with some ear warmers.  Either way, I’m not really looking forward to the cold weather.  Can I get hot cocoa at the finish instead of a beer?

I have some goals for us during this race:

C Goal:  Finish without getting cranky!  During Tim’s last half marathon, my encouragement didn’t seem to encourage him all that much.  There were a few times he didn’t seem to appreciate it.  So, I’m hoping that he is mentally stronger this time around (after all, he has done this before) and that I am better at picking up on his mental state.

B Goal:  Run consistent splits.  The course is hilly, but if we conserve our energy at the start, we should still be able to run well at the end.

A Goal:  Not my slowest half marathon.  That would mean we need to finish faster than 2:21:49.  That might be tough.  We finished Tim’s first half marathon in 2:15 and he was better trained and the course was flatter.  We’ll see how the day plays out.

Is anyone else running in the cold this weekend?


One thought on “Honky Tonk Half Marathon Race Preview

  1. Good luck to both of you! Hope you both have a happy time!

    I’m running a half also on Saturday at Purdue. Temp will be around 42 for our start. Perfect for me and I’ll be in shorts!

    Have a fun race Sunday.

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