Haunted Hustle Race Preview

I can’t believe that half marathon #13 is right around the corner.  My crazy goal for this year is so close to completion!  I signed up for the Haunted Hustle at a race expo earlier in the year.  I got a $5 discount and a free coffee mug!  I love discounts and coffee (and half marathons), so it was a good deal.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to my cousin’s wife, Rachel, that she should come do the marathon.  She is one of those crazy, super-high mileage types.  She did the full marathon at Journey’s in May when I did the half.  Then she trained for a 50 mile race in September.  So, just deciding to do a full marathon isn’t a big deal for her.  And she’s pretty fast, too!

We are going to head down to Madison on Saturday afternoon and stay at my aunt’s house.  My aunt is also helping us out by picking up our race packets on Saturday.  The packet pick up only goes until 4:00 (!?!) on Saturday and by having her pick them up, we will be able to sleep a bit longer on Sunday morning.  Sleep is important!  The full marathon starts at 8:00 and the half marathon starts at 9:00.   Fortunately, there is an indoor waiting area, so I won’t have to freeze before/after my race while I cheer for Rachel.  And, I heard there are pancakes!

I was going to wear a costume, since the race is the weekend before Halloween.  But, it is going to be pretty cold, and I would rather be warm than sport a cute outfit!  Instead, I’ll probably wear something similar to what I wore last weekend.  That seemed to keep me relatively warm.

This course has a bit of elevation to deal with.

I’m not thrilled with that steady incline from mile 5-7.75  At least it ends with a relatively flat section.  But that uphill may mess with my plans for a negative split.


C Goal:  2:06 or better.  That was the time of my slowest (not-with-Tim) half marathon of the year.  Hopefully the weather doesn’t slow me down too much.

B Goal:  Hang with the 2:00 pace group as long as possible

A Goal:  Sub-2:00.  Run with the 2:00 pace group for the first half and then pick up the pace.  I like negative splits when possible.  That would make 7 of my 13 half marathons under the 2:00 mark!


Naturally, there is the weather to deal with.  I know it is the end of October.  I know it is Wisconsin.  I know it is going to be cold.  I don’t have to like it.  Thumbs down

It looks like it will be ever-so-slightly warmer at the start line than it was last weekend.  Hopefully the sun will make it feel even warmer.  As long as it doesn’t rain (or snow) and isn’t too windy, I should be okay.

Who else is racing this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Haunted Hustle Race Preview

  1. I’ve had trouble posting, Heather…will try this and hope it sticks!! Good luck Sunday!

    For cold hand due to Reynards, I’ve had good luck using those disposable hand warmers inside my gloves for long runs. I have some reusable hand warmers for shorter training runs. It makes a big difference. Email me if you want some more info.

    Enjoy the trip to Madison! I have a marathon on Nov 2…

    • I’ve thought about those hand warmer things. My husband uses them for work in the winter. I may have to pick up a couple. I have two more shorter races before the end of the year.

      Good luck on the 2nd!

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