Emotional running

Today, while I was running an easy 4 miles on my treadmill, I watched part of NBC’s coverage of the Ironman World Championships.  Granted, the race was a month ago, and I know who won.  But I don’t watch it to see what the elite athletes do, I watch it to see the stories. 

And seeing Hines Ward tackle the initial training was pretty funny.  I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has problems clipping into my pedals!

The best part is hearing about the ‘ordinary’ people who are putting their bodies through such a tough test.  There was a woman in her 70’s.  There was a man from Sandy Hood, CT who lost his daughter in the school shooting there last winter.  There was a guy with no legs. 

So many of these people have had to overcome so much to get to that race.  And that isn’t even taking in account all the rigorous training they have had to do.  I am in absolute awe of these people.  Seeing them push themselves against the elements, when they are in pain, in the dark, as the cutoff gets closer, it is so inspiring.

And then, at the end when they hear Mike Reilly say to them “You are an IRONMAN!” well, I get all emotional and teary-eyed.  Ii see what some of these people have gone through and I think “What is my excuse?” 

Some day.  I would love to hear Mike Reilly tell me I’m an Ironman. 

In the meantime, I’ll keep running.  I’ll reach for those goals.  And I’ll cheer for my friend, Nathan, who is competing at Ironman Arizona today.


2 thoughts on “Emotional running

  1. In some cases, we run for the result. It is interesting to me, though, to increasingly run simply for the process of running. If I had no races, at all, would I still run? I find more and more that is the case. Not that it would be apparent by all the races I’ve run recently 🙂 But I do think about this.

    Good post!!!

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