Turkey Trot Race Recap

It was cold!  Something like 17 degrees when we finished the race.  But, for the most part, my outfit kept me decently warm.  I ended up with tights, long sleeved tee, short sleeved tee and running jacket, gloves and mittens (with those warm packs inside) and a balaclava-like head wear. 

We left the house around 7:00 for the 8:00 start time.  Parking was a breeze, as the event is held at the high school.  We went inside the commons area to use the restrooms and warm up for a bit. 

I had to take a picture with the turkey.  I promised that I was a vegetarian, so I wouldn’t hurt him!

A few minutes before the race was about to start, everyone started making their way outside.  There were a few announcements, followed by the National Anthem.

There were three waves of starters.  The 5 mile runners went off first, followed by the 2 mile walkers.  After that was the ‘dog jog’ division.  The four legged participants were only allowed on the 2 mile course.

For some reason, my Garmin decided to not fully function, so I only had overall time—no pace or distance.  I grabbed these stats from Tim’s endomondo account and from the results email that was sent shortly after the race.




I do think it is a bit humorous that they do single-year age groups.  Apparently, there were only five 35 year old women who decided to get up and run on Thanksgiving morning.  (Incidentally, my 5 mile PR only would have moved me up one place.)

The plan going into the race was to enjoy ourselves and run the race together.  Tim hasn’t been running much since his half marathon last month.  He wasn’t sure he would even be able to run the whole thing without having to walk.  I knew he was hoping to be faster than his only other 5 mile race (52:something) from last summer. 

I let him dictate the pace.  This worked well, since I didn’t have any pace data from my Garmin anyway.  Each half mile, his phone would tell us what the overall pace was.  I was encouraged that we were being very consistent and that our overall pace was staying just under a 10:00 minute mile.  That would easily get him to his PR.

The weather was cold and there were a few flurries in the air.  It certainly wasn’t my favorite weather to run in, but we made it.  However, when we were finished, we got really cold really quickly.  We got in line to get a cup of water…it was partly frozen and slushy.  There were donut holes and bananas.  Tim grabbed a couple donuts.  I grabbed a banana half, but I needed help peeling it because of my mittens.  Then we grabbed our free pies and headed back to the car.

For some reason, they had locked the school so we had to walk around the building to get back to the parking lot.  I’m not sure why they did this.  Last year, I remember walking through the school.  I guess it wasn’t a huge deal, except that I had to go to the bathroom and there was NO WAY I was going to use a porta potty when it was 17 degrees!


*Local.  I love a race when I actually get to sleep in!  And it benefits local organizations.

*Pie.  I love pie. 

*Tim.  Running events together is fun.  And I like seeing him succeed.  It increases his confidence in his running.

*Registration.  Online registration is easy.  Packet pickup is a breeze.  It took me about 3 or 4 minutes to get our bibs/shirts the afternoon before the race.


*Weather.  It was cold.  I hate the cold. 

*Closing the school.  It would have been really nice to be able to go back inside and warm up afterwards.  Or at least have the option of a warm bathroom.

*Course.  The course is really nothing special.  There are more scenic/interesting places to run in Marshfield, but I’m sure there are permitting restrictions.  I really don’t like running through the scent of manure.  Yuck!

*Shirts.  The shirts run really big.  Tim’s is like a tent on him.  He will probably never wear it.

Overall Grade: B+

I will definitely do this race again.  I am hoping to make it part of our Thanksgiving tradition.  It is a little rough with the timing.  We had to hurry back home and take a shower so we could get on the road and go to my aunt and uncle’s house for the big meal, but I think it was worth it.


2 thoughts on “Turkey Trot Race Recap

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  2. You two had a lot of fun on a cold day. Neat you could get a 5 mile race on a Turkey Trot…most are only 5K. I volunteered at our local Turkey Trot…man, I can tell you it is a LOT colder to stand around outside from 7:30 to 10:30 am than it is to go run it!!! We had a neat deal though…local running store sponsored the event, free entry, just bring a bag of food for th elocal food bank. We ended up with a van full of food and 500 runners/walkers and over $1,000 in cash donations. Very neat. Very cold.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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