November month in review

November Mileage: 137 miles.  Not too bad.  Took four days off for the month.

October: 142

September:  123

August: 123

July: 167

June: 134

May: 132

April: 130

March: 139

February: 106

January: 121

2013 Year to Date: 1453!!

November Long Runs:  I did treadmill runs of 8, 10 and 9.2 miles.  Not really ‘long,’ but I’m not training for anything right now.


Core Work:  I’m in the middle of a 30 day program that focuses on squats and core work.  It isn’t super-intense, but at least it is something.  If I make it through the 30 days, maybe I’ll start it over again next month.

November Races:  Hewitt Pumpkin Run, Turkey Trot

@Tiffany Fridley more running inspiration for Saturday!

Upcoming Races: Noodleini 15K

Run inspiration

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