Off season week 2

This week I got sick and it really knocked me out for a couple days.  I was glad that I was in my off season and that I wasn’t disrupting some really important training.  Tim was sick last weekend and I definitely got the stomach bug that he had.  I spent most of Tuesday night not sleeping…I’ll spare you the details. Sick smile 

I moved my rest day to Wednesday because there was no way I was going to be able to work out.  I barely ate anything on Wednesday and was pretty much useless all day.  Thursday morning, I woke up feeling better.  I actually did an easy 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Then I ate breakfast.  Then I got sick.  But, as the day went on, I started feeling better.  When I stepped on my bathroom scale Thursday morning, I saw that I had lost 7 pounds in 48 hours.  That is some serious dehydration.  I made it my mission on Thursday to drink as much water as I could. 

By Friday morning, I was feeling pretty much back to normal.  I ran an easy 4 miles on the treadmill.  I was a bit achy and my joints seemed a little stiff, but it felt good to run. 

My ‘long’ run was closer to 70 minutes this week.  It felt great to get that decent workout in after feeling so crappy earlier in the week.

I have accomplished a couple mileage goals in the last week or so.  I have made it to 1500 miles for 2013, and 4000 miles lifetime.  I only started running in 2009.  2012 was my first year over 1000 miles, so getting 1500 this year feels pretty awesome!

The workouts this week consisted of 2 days on the elliptical, 4 days running and one day off.  I still find the elliptical boring.  But, it is quieter than the treadmill, so I don’t have to have the TV so loud.  I’m trying to find the positives!

Only 4 weeks left of this off season!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  Is anyone doing any themed Christmas races?


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