Off season Week 3

My dad is here for the holidays, so in order to allow him to sleep a bit longer, I’m waiting until later in the morning to start my workout.  It allows me to sleep in a little (I like sleep), but it throws off my routine a little bit.  And I kinda like my routine.  But, since it is the off season, I’m not too stressed about my workouts.

It was also Christmas this week.  As much as I told myself I would eat healthy and avoid the sweets and stuff, I got tempted and I gave in to the temptation more frequently than I should have.  (In my defense, those darn chocolate covered peanut butter balls are soooo good!)

The plan for the week called for four days of running and two days on the elliptical.  Christmas day was the scheduled day off.  I didn’t think my kids would want to wait until after mom’s workout to see what Santa brought.

I ended up switching things up a little bit.  I am already starting to get bored with this off season and I still have three weeks left.  Thursday, I decided to turn the 5 miler into a tempo run and Friday I did 4 miles on the treadmill instead of doing an elliptical workout.  Today was my ‘long’ run.  I did 7.3 miles in just under 70 minutes.

Three weeks left of the off season.  Tonight I have my last Christmas party of the season and tomorrow Jaden turns eight.  We are taking him to an indoor water park.  Hopefully he’ll be tired out after spending the morning there and we can get home in time to watch Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers into the playoffs! Fingers crossed

Next week I’ll be working on some year-end reviews and a look ahead to the goals I have for 2014. 


2 thoughts on “Off season Week 3

  1. And, wow, did Rodgers pull the Pack through! I’m a big Bears fan, my wife is a big Packers fan, so we had to sit on opposite sides of the room!! Quite a game!!

    I finished the HUFF 50K in 6:32:01 yesterday and had a blast. I’ll have a blog post up later this week.

    Enjoy your start to the new year!! And dial that savings account up!!!!

    • Joe-I will try not to hold your Bears allegiance against you! 🙂 Although, I don’t have a lot of confidence in their ability to beat SF next week.
      Can’t wait to read about the 50K. That is something I would love to do at some point. Maybe that is how I’ll celebrate my next milestone birthday.

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