December Month in Review

December mileage: 121 miles.  Same as how I started 2013.  In December, I took 3 complete rest days. I also got on the elliptical five times.

November: 137

October: 142

September:  123

August: 123

July: 167

June: 134

May: 132

April: 130

March: 139

February: 106

January: 121

2013 Year to Date: 1574.  I feel great about running more than 1500 miles this year.  I wasn’t sure what my training and racing would lead to this year.  1574 is an awesome total!

Running quote - this is so me -- a slow runner :)

December Long Runs: 9 miles, a few runs from 60-70 minutes (that is what my off-season training plans gives me for ‘long’ runs.)

It occurred to me today I'm not running to lose weight! I'm running for my own happiness. And of course to stay healthy! Running makes me happy!!!

Core Work:  I finished the 30 day challenge.  It consisted mostly of squats, sit ups and other types of core exercises.  It was definitely a challenge…especially toward the end when I was doing 80+ squats and 70+ sit ups.  I would usually do them in sets throughout the day.  That way I didn’t get bored trying to do it all at once.  And, it is easier to do a set of 35-40 squats than it is to do 85 squats at one time.  Maybe that isn’t the true intent of the challenge, but I still did everything.  I didn’t get it done in 30 days.  I missed 4 days (Thanksgiving and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, because we were traveling, and another random day because my back hurt and I didn’t feel like doing sit ups, and then the day before I was supposed to finish because I was violently ill), so the whole thing took me 34 days.

SO true and perfectly defines my crazy and seemingly illogical motivation

December Races:  Noodleini 15K

Running Quote

Upcoming races:  Nothing until April.  The Oshkosh Half Marathon is on my birthday this year due to Easter being the following weekend.  My specific training plan will start mid-January.


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