A look ahead at 2014

I love setting goals.  I say that every year.  I have a few for the next twelve months.  Goals keep me motivated and focused.  They give me something to work toward. 

Running goals…

My running goals are pretty simple this year.  I want to PR at the half marathon.  My current PR is 1:52.  I’m really hoping for a 1:48 at the Oshkosh half marathon in April.  The race is on my birthday this year and I think a PR would be the perfect gift for my 36th birthday!

My other running goal is to run a sub-4:00 marathon at the Twin Cities Marathon in October.  Meeting the first goal will give me a little more confidence going into training for the marathon.

My bonus running goal is to run Tim’s first marathon with him.  He has been tossing around the idea of running the Madison Marathon in November.  His brother and sister-in-law will be in Wisconsin that weekend and she is a Marathon Maniac.  It would be amazing for the three of us to do that race together and I really think that it would be such a fun experience for Tim’s first marathon.  And, I’d like to document his experiences through the training…if he’ll let me.

School/work goals…

Assuming that I don’t have a nervous breakdown, I am all set to graduate from nursing school in May.  This is a pretty big deal.  I’ve been working toward this for a long time.  But, it isn’t the end of the journey.  I still have to pass the boards.  That is going to be what most of the summer is dedicated to.  I’m hoping that I can take the test before the end of the summer.  I don’t want to take too much time from the end of school before I take the test. 

There is also the goal of actually finding a job as a nurse.  I have some preferences about where I would like to work and I have some areas where I would prefer not to work.  I live in a small town, so the opportunities aren’t as abundant as they are in other areas of the country.  But, I am looking forward to the process and finding something that will challenge me and give me the chance to help people.

The other school goal I have is to start checking out some grad school programs.  I would like to continue my education towards a Master’s Degree.   There are a few areas that really pique my interest and I’d like to take some time this fall and explore those opportunities.  I may start a program as early as 2015.

Family/friend goals…

A picture of my kids once a week, every week.  I got this idea from my friend, Courtney.  She did this in 2013.  And she has almost 8 kids.  If she can do it I might be able to can.  However, she is very talented and has an awesome camera.  I have the camera on my phone and neither talent nor patience.  Oh well.  I’ll still try.

Have dinner with friends.  Or game nights.  Or coffee.  Or something.  At least once a month.  I love hanging out with friends and we often let our busy schedules keep us from getting together.

Plan a couple getaways with Tim.  We only managed a couple in 2013, but they are crucial to maintaining our marriage.  It is hard for us to get away.  Hotels are expensive and finding someone to watch the boys can be a challenge.  But, date nights and the occasional night away are really important.  And, this year we will have our 10th anniversary.  Sounds like a reason to celebrate, right?

Does anyone else have any big goals for this year?  I pray you all have an amazing 2014.  I’m planning on it!!



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