Off season week 4

The plan this week called for 4 days of running and 2 days of elliptical with one rest day.  The reality was slightly different, but I tried a bit harder to stick to the plan. 

I ended up scrapping one of the elliptical sessions for a treadmill run.  And instead of all easy runs, I added a tempo section to one.  I increased my scheduled elliptical session from 35 to 40 minutes.  I still don’t love the elliptical, but I see that it has it’s place in a training plan. 

In a weird move, I celebrated the new year on the elliptical instead of running.  I’m hoping that bodes well for my cross training efforts as the year goes on. 

Friday was my rest day this week because of a clinical I started for school.  This week wasn’t so bad because it was only one day.  The next couple weeks will be more of a challenge when I have clinical from 6:00-4:00 Tuesday-Thursday.  Getting those workouts in will be tough.  I think I’ll try to do afternoon/evening workouts on Tuesday/Wednesday and take Thursdays off.  I don’t like working out in the afternoons because there is just too much that can happen to derail my best intentions.  (And it appears that I may end up with a night clinical for half of the spring semester.  That could derail my training even more…and cause some problems in household management.)

I have noticed that I don’t seem quite as motivated lately to get my workouts in.  As I was driving back from my clinical on Friday, I was thinking “how bad would it be if I just took Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off?”  That is horrible thinking!  Then I was thinking about my goal of running a sub-4:00 marathon this fall and I suddenly found myself wondering if I should just scrap the whole thing.  Apparently, this off season is messing with my mind.  I can’t wait to get back to some ‘normal’ training.

Saturday was better.  My ‘long’ run went well.  I did 7.4 miles in just under 70 minutes and it was great.  I felt like I could have kept going.  I love those days.

How is your training going?


One thought on “Off season week 4

  1. You are doing fine, Heather…winter is tough. Shoot, we have 12″ of snow today here in Indiana and, watching the Packer game right now, I can see your temps are really cold!! Keep remembering the sub 4…pay the price now, reap the gains then.

    I posted my report on the HUFF50K yesterday…hope you enjoy it.

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