Off Season Week 5

How cold was it?  Cold enough that my son didn’t have school Monday or Tuesday.  The last time I remember school being canceled due to the temperature was when I was in high school and the diesel fuel in the school busses gelled because the wind chills were colder than –50.  That is cold.  It was that cold!  I still had to work on Monday, but my clinical was canceled on Tuesday so I got to stay home with the kids.

The off season plan for the week was 4 days of running, 2 days on the elliptical and one day off.  My unanticipated free day on Tuesday made it easy to get my workout in that day.  I had planned on doing if after my clinical, but instead I hopped on the elliptical that morning for 40 minutes.

I’m glad I had the elliptical on Tuesday.  I donated blood Monday afternoon and I was pretty drained from it.  Running would have been even more difficult.  I’ve read that it is a good way to get an idea of the effect of blood doping.  You should exercise after donating blood and pretend that is your baseline.  Then wait 6-8 weeks and see how you feel and compare the two.  For me, I just remembered how I felt during my 5 mile run Monday morning and compared that to Tuesday morning’s workout.  I guess I can see why blood doping would be such an advantage…and why it is illegal.

Wednesday’s workout was after a full day at the hospital for my clinical.  I went to the gym because I knew that if I waited until I got home, the kids and all the stuff that needed to be done at home, would keep me from working out.  I got on the treadmill and set if for my usual ‘easy’ pace and it was much more difficult that usual.  It really made me realize how old and crappy my treadmill is.  Or…maybe it just felt that much harder because I had given blood on Monday.  I hoping it is the latter.  Otherwise I am really nervous about my training going into my spring and fall goal races.  If I’m not running at the actual paces my treadmill says I’m running, it is going to be much more difficult to reach those goals.  I need a new treadmill.

I’ll have a few more chances at the gym while I’m completing my clinical this month.  I hope that this week was just a fluke and I’ll feel better as my blood volume increases.

Friday I was supposed to do another elliptical workout, but I did an easy four miles on the treadmill instead.  I just can’t make myself get excited over the elliptical.  This morning I did my 70 minute long run.  It was wonderful.  I can’t wait to get into longer runs again.  It just makes me feel better.

One more week of the off season.  Next week I have clinical three days, so I’ll try to do a workout at the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.  I think Thursday will be my rest day.

How is your training going?


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