Oshkosh Half Marathon Training Week 2

Week two of my training for the Oshkosh half marathon provided some challenges.

Sunday: 3 miles easy + Strength.  I did some push ups, sit ups, upper body work and lunges.  I’m not a fan of lunges.  I think it is because I don’t feel like my knee is very stable and I don’t want to hurt myself.

Monday: 7×400 at 5K pace.  I was a little worried about when I would get this workout in, since Monday was the first day of the semester.  Then, we got hit with another polar vortex and school was cancelled.  I got up before the rest of the house and finished my workout on the treadmill.  Then spent the rest of the day with the boys.

Tuesday:  4.1 miles easy pace

Wednesday: 45 minute tempo run.  Ended up with 5.1 miles.  Loved this workout.

Thursday:  The day my treadmill died.  Ended up doing 3 miles at the treadmill at NTC.  I did half a mile warm up and the 2 miles at race pace and then another half mile cool down.  Not ideal, but it worked out.

Friday: Rest day.  So tired after two nights of clinical.

Saturday: 90 minute run on the schedule.  In reality, I wasn’t feeling well (sore throat + congestion) and I was using my neighbor’s treadmill (no TV to distract me) so I ended up bagging it after 3 miles.  I might try to get the long run in tomorrow, but if it doesn’t happen this week, it isn’t going to destroy my training plan.  I’ll try not to let it worry me.  And for those of you who know me, that would be a huge accomplishment! 

How is your training going?


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