Oshkosh Half Marathon Training Week 3

Since my treadmill died, this week I was at the gym.  It isn’t quite as convenient as having a treadmill in my basement, but I just got up a few minutes earlier and it worked out alright.

Sunday: Schedule called for 3 miles easy + strength.  Instead, since I didn’t do my 90 minute run on Saturday, I decided to go for a longer run.  I ended up doing about 70 minutes and just over seven and a quarter miles.

Monday: Schedule called for 7xhill.  I don’t like running hills.  I know it is good for me.  The more I run them, the less I will hate them.  I alternated between 400 meter and 200 meter incline segments with equal recovery.  Inclines ranged from 3.0-5.0. 

Tuesday: 4 miles easy.  Queasy stomach.  Not as easy as they should have been.

Wednesday: 30 minute tempo run.  #runhappy 

Thursday: 4 miles easy.  It wasn’t as easy as it should have been.

Friday:  Rest day.  It wasn’t much of a rest day.  Jaden was home sick with strep and I was fighting some congestion and a headache.  I had a ton of homework to get done and just felt overwhelmed.

Saturday: Plan called for a 5K.  I hit the treadmill for this one.  Started at my easy pace, worked up to just about 5K race pace, then back down.  Great way to start the day.

In other news, I decided to add a local half marathon to my schedule for the end of March.  It is a fundraiser for a veteran’s memorial and my neighbors are very involved in the organization.  They are offering to sponsor a couple runners for the event.  Since my training plan called for a 2 hour run that day, I thought it would be fun.  Jaden is going to the 5K and he is thrilled. Anyone want to join us??


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