I’m going crazy

I’m injured.  I haven’t run since Monday (and I probably shouldn’t have run then). 

I have a sore right hip.  Actually, it is more than sore.  It really hurts.  And I’m pretty pissed off about it.  I want to run and I can’t.  And that makes me cranky. 

I’ve done a couple short workouts on the stationary bike, but that is miserable.  If it was summer and I could ride outside, the bike becomes an acceptable form of training.  When I have to sit in a gym and ride the bike, I want to stab myself in the eye. 

I can’t do the elliptical because-get this-that may have been part of what caused the injury in the first place.  I KNEW an off season was a bad idea!

I think the worst part is that my brand-new, shiny treadmill is going to be delivered tomorrow, and I won’t be able to use it.  To make matters worse, I only got a short term membership at the gym to hold me over until the treadmill arrived.  So, after this weekend, I won’t even have access to the insanity-producing stationary bike. 

And, to top things off, it is Shamrock Shake season and if I’m not running, I certainly can’t be indulging in those!

I’ll go back to my chiropractor Friday morning (for the third time in two weeks) to have some more work done.  She understands my frustration-but she still stood across the room-out of punching range-when she told me I couldn’t run.  I’m really hoping that things will start to turn around soon.  I’ve been resting it, stretching it, rubbing Biofreeze on it, and taking more ibuprofen than I am typically comfortable taking.

I guess, if I have to be injured, I would rather deal with it now, than a week before a race.  But, I still don’t like it.

How do you guys get through an injury?  Any words of advice?


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