Half Marathon Training Week 5

If I’m not running, does it still qualify as half marathon training?

Sunday: Still no running.  Managed to survive 35 minutes on the stationary bike and added about 10 minutes of upper body strength work.

Monday:  Missed my planned hill workout.  I don’t like running hills.  But I would much rather run hills than bike.

The new treadmill was delivered Monday.  In a snowstorm.  It is really heavy, but Tim and I managed to get it in the house.

All of the peripheral pieces made it into the basement.  But the base is SUPER heavy and Tim and I can’t get it down the stairs by ourselves.  So, we are waiting until this weekend when someone can help us.  In the meantime, it has been sitting on the floor for us to walk around all week.  Just reminds me how depressed I am that I can’t run. 

Tuesday:  Still on the bike.  Lasted 35 minutes.  First time over 10 miles.  Then back to the chiropractor to let them work on the hip.  Then home to ice the hip.

Wednesday:  Planned rest day. 

Thursday: 35 minutes on the bike.  Just shy of 10 miles.  I find myself not hating the bike as much as I used to.  That, in and of itself, is sad.  I also did about 15 minutes of upper body strength work.

Friday: Unplanned rest day.  Mother Nature has been in a pissy mood all winter and she dumped some snow on us and then decided to follow it up with nasty winds.  I tried to go to the gym and got stuck in my driveway.  My workout consisted of digging my car out of my driveway so that I could pull back into the garage.  Fail.  And all the while, my husband’s 4-wheel drive Jeep sat in the driveway.  Epic Fail.

Saturday:  Took the husband’s Jeep to the gym!  Did another 35 minutes on the bike.  Thought about lifting weights, but decided to head home instead.  Maybe tomorrow.

How’s the weather where you are?


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