February Month in Review

I spent almost the whole month without a treadmill.  And I made it! 

Mostly because I was injured.  Sad smile

This is how I feel about not being able to run.  I’m trying to focus on  the healing and the long term goals. 

February Mileage: 32 miles.  Lowest mileage since….ever?  Not really.  The month after I had surgery in 2011 I ran less than that.  It is still sad.  I did manage 126 miles on the bike.  The bike is not fun.  I actually don’t mind riding my road bike in the summer, but the stationary bike at the gym is super-boring.  Even with the injury, I only had 5 complete rest days (and one of them was due to the weather and me literally not being able to get out of my driveway).  Since I have been going to gym, I have also gotten in a little more strength work.  It is upper body stuff, because I don’t want to aggravate the hip. 

January: 111

2014 year to date: 143.  I am falling off the pace of my 1250 mile goal for the year (that is 2014 km in case you are wondering).

Long Runs: 7.3 (I shortened this one…it should have been a couple miles longer).  If I had known that I wouldn’t be able to run the rest of the month, I definitely would have run longer.

Races: None

Upcoming Races:  Half is Good Enough for Me half marathon on March 29th.  Jaden is going to run the 5K.  If I’m still injured, I will just do the 5K with Jaden.

#5.  Oh #5.

How was your February?  Can winter be over now??  Please?


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