Half Marathon Training Week 6

Oh, how I wish I felt like I was actually training for a half marathon.  Instead, I’m just trying not to lose my fitness as I deal with this injury.

Sunday:  Thought about running, but got nervous and biked instead.  Just over 10 miles in 35 minutes.  Oh, and we had a friend come over to finally help us move the treadmill from the middle of the living room floor to the basement.  Now we just need to put it together.  I’m really hoping we can get on that this week. 

Monday: Another 35 minutes on the bike.  Managed just under 10 miles.  I guess I didn’t work very hard.  I’m really getting sick of the bike.  I want to run. 

Tuesday:  I ran a mile-slowly.  It hurt badly.  I was very sad and depressed, as I feared I would be. I got on the bike and did a little over 25 minutes. 

Wednesday:  Got to the gym in the afternoon after my clinical rotation.  The bikes were full when I got there, so I did about 15 minutes of strength work.  I did a little bit with my legs, but I was careful to keep the weights light so that I wouldn’t hurt myself.  I was able to squeeze in just over 15 minutes on the bike before I had to leave.

Thursday:  Scheduled rest day.  Took more ibuprofen than I like to.

Friday.  Did 35 minutes on the bike and a little bit of arm strength work.  Went to the chiropractor for another adjustment and to let her dig her thumb into some very sore areas.  She stayed out of striking range.

Saturday: I wanted to get a little bit of a longer workout in.  That is hard on the bike because it is so mind-numbingly boring.  But, I made it just over 45 minutes!  About 13.5 miles.  I got through it without wanting to pull my hair out.  A good podcast helps.  Smile

I am going through the stages of grief with this injury.  I started out in denial.  Denial that my treadmill was dying.  Denial that I was really injured.  I kept running when I should have stopped. I have now moved on to anger.  I’m just really pissed off that I can’t run.  I’m almost glad that it is still freezing cold outside because if I had to see a bunch of people running outside, I might go insane.  I can see that the bargaining stage is coming.  I think I might be willing to give up my half marathon PR quest if I can just get healthy enough to train for my sub-4:00 marathon goal.  After bargaining comes depression.  I hope I don’t get to this point because it will mean that I am going to have to give up on some goals.  The last stage is acceptance.  Let’s not go there.

I need some injury recovery stories.  Encourage me with how you overcame an injury.  Give me something to look forward to.


One thought on “Half Marathon Training Week 6

  1. Hey there! I too have been suffering from an IT band injury for quite some time now. It’s interesting to read your current blog posts, because your thoughts and actions are very similar to what I went through in the beginning of my injury. I became injured in March 2013. I (stupidly) ignored the signals my body was telling me and kept on training for my half marathon. I wish I could turn back time and go back to March and just let my body rest and heal. If I had just taken a couple months off of pounding physical activity (running, elliptical, biking), I think I could have been running again by summer 2013. I haven’t really run without pain in almost a year now.

    Thankfully, I found a chiropractor in Marshfield who does Graston Technique and Active Release Technique. Graston is working much better than the deep tissue massages I was receiving previously. My IT band has responded really well to his treatments and I hope to be running pain free again soon. I have started strength training as well. My IT band issues mostly stem from having weak glutes. It is amazing to witness my body getting stronger and more fit just from weightlifting 3x/week!

    From what I recall, you are from the Colby area? My chiropractor is Eric Bowman and he works out of Changes Within chiropractic office in Marshfield. He specializes in sports injuries and rehab. I would definitely recommend him if you are able to make the drive to Marshfield for treatments. I really hope you are able to heal yourself soon! From my experiences, that first month of an injury are the worse. It feels like your entire world is crashing down around you and there is nothing you can do to control it. Keep your chin up. You will get through this injury and will run again.

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