My new treadmill

When my treadmill died back in January, I was frantic.  I didn’t know how I was going to preserve my sanity if I couldn’t run.  Little did I know that I had this hip injury on the horizon and I wouldn’t be able to run anyway.

Tim and I did a lot of research on the best treadmill for us (i.e. that we could afford) and we cashed in some gift cards and ordered one from Amazon.  We ordered a FreeMotion 790.  We had to schedule the delivery for a time when someone would be home.  It was scheduled to arrive on Friday, Feb 14th between noon and 6pm.  By 8:00 pm, it still hadn’t arrived.  Tim called the shipping company and they were really vague about where it was.  They told us to call the local office the next day (Saturday) and figure out when to reschedule the delivery.

So, the next day, I called and the very nice guy on the phone told me that he could see that it hadn’t been scanned as delivered, but he wasn’t exactly sure where it was.  He was going to ‘flag’ the account so that when the delivery people showed up on Monday morning, they would see that something was wrong and they would need to get it delivered.  So, we set up the delivery for Monday the 17th of Feb.  This was great, because it was President’s Day, so Tim would be home to help with the heavy lifting.

Naturally, considering the winter we’ve had, there was a snow storm on the delivery day.

Tim actually had to shovel a path on the driveway from the garage to the truck, so that the delivery guy could use the dolly to move the huge, heavy box.  Seriously, it weighed more than 300 pounds.

The box would not fit through the door, so it stayed in the garage and Tim and I had to figure out how to get it in the house.

We took the smaller pieces in first.  They were heavy enough.  I ended up with a bruise on my heel from dropping one of those bigger pieces.

We struggled to get the base inside.  There was some yelling and grunting and general misery, but we made it. 

And then the base sat there for over a week until a friend came over to help us move it downstairs.  I stubbed my toes on it and ran into it and the kids tripped over it.  I thought I was going to injure myself more by just having it sit there.

If finally made it’s way to the basement.

Tim and Art looked over the assembly directions, but Tim decided to wait for a different day to tackle that project.  It’s not like I could run anyway, so there was no pressure from me to get it assembled quickly.  And Tim likes putting things together, so I think he wanted to do it himself.

He basically assembled the entire thing himself.  There were a couple times when he needed an extra pair of hands and that is when I could come and help out.

Fully assembled!

At this point, Tim is the only one who has run on it.  It is equipped with ifit, which allows us to program in different workouts around the world and virtually run on different courses.  When Tim used it the other day, he ran through Hawaii for a few miles. 

I can’t wait to get on there and start running again.  I am going to see if I can find the Twin Cities Marathon course on ifit and try to get an idea of what I’ve signed up for this fall.  Tim has also programed a course around the neighborhood where he grew up.  I’ve looked into some of the other workouts offered through ifit.  This is probably the only chance I will ever have to run the Boston Marathon!

I never thought Tim would be using it before me, but this injury has me on the sidelines.  It has been over a month since I’ve last run.  It is seriously driving me crazy that I can’t run.  I’m hoping that I’ll be back at it in a couple more weeks.  Then I can give a full review of the new machine.

In the meantime, he needs a name.  I’m pretty sure it’s a guy.  Any ideas?

Is anyone else on ifit?  Send me your info and I can connect with you that way.  The website and app look pretty cool.


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