It has to get better

So…the hip injury has be feeling a bit down.  I can’t run.  And I’m a runner.  So what do I do?  I’m sticking with the stationary bike because at least it is cardio and it doesn’t hurt the hip or IT band. 

I haven’t run since February 25th.  And that was just a one mile test to see if I could run without pain.  I couldn’t. 

I have downgraded the half marathon I was supposed to run next weekend.  Instead, I’ll be running the 5K with my son.  I am totally OK with that.  I am anticipating that I will have to downgrade the half marathon I was planning on running on my birthday (April 13) to the 5K as well.  I am not really OK with that.  I was hoping that was going to be my PR race.  I had a perfect training plan to get me to the finish line in 1:48.  Instead, I got stuck with this injury.

But, I’m feeling hopeful that things are getting better.  I have been taking less ibuprofen the last few days.  I am religiously doing my PT exercises.  I’m trying to stretch as much as possible.  I’m using heat on my hip when I feel that it helps. 

The hip is still sore, but I think progress is being made.  I almost want to hop on my bright, shiny, new treadmill to see if I can run without pain.  I say almost because I’m still afraid that there will be pain.  And then I will know that I still can’t run.  And then I will be sad. 

The other thing that has been on my mind is the fact that my weight is slowly creeping up.  I’m trying to be really careful about what I put in my mouth, but I have a voracious sweet tooth.  And it is Shamrock Shake season.  I’m only a few pounds above the range where I typically stay.  It probably isn’t a huge deal, and I’m still within the healthy range, but it is a tad discouraging.  I’m hopeful that once I am able to run again, things will go back to where they belong.

I’m adjusting to the fact that I won’t be running a spring half marathon.  I’m hoping that I can fit in a few small, local races this summer.  I have a few that I have done every year since I started running and I really want to be able to participate…even if I don’t ‘race’ them.

Then…the fall marathons.  I am signed up for two of them.  I am hoping that I will be running again by April.  To have any hope of completing those marathons, I really need to be training by June.  I’d like to be back to some quality training before then.  I’m still holding out hope that I can get a marathon PR in October.  Since I’ve only run two marathons, a PR is totally doable for me…assuming that I’m not injured.

Right now, I am trying to latch on to the fact that I have had less pain over the past few days.  I’m hoping that means I am turning a corner and things are starting to improve.  I’m going to wait for my PTs go-ahead before I try to run again (or wait for the 5K with my son, whichever comes first).

I’m off to do my exercises….


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