Since my 5K last weekend, I have tried to get back into some sort of training.  This injury is really taking a toll on me, much more than just physically.  I am depressed and irritable.  I am lacking motivation.  And I am in pain.  It isn’t pretty.  I think this is turning into a recap of my nagging injury and so much less than a review of any training I’ve been doing.

Sunday: Took the day off to further recover from the 5K.  Spent some time icing the hip.  I had quite a bit of soreness in the hip flexor area and my right hamstring was really tight.

Monday:  I headed back to the gym to test out the bike.  I found that I didn’t have any pain, as long as I sat upright.  If I leaned over and got down onto the handlebars, I had some stiffness.  So, I just sat up straight.  I managed 36 minutes, but I was going slower than normal.  I also did some weights with my arms.  Then I sat in class for the entire day.  I took my TENS unit with me.

Tuesday:  I did 40 minutes on the bike in the morning.  I worked all day and I wore my TENS unit.  That afternoon, I met with my primary care provider.  We talked about my pain and how long I’ve been dealing with this.  We talked about how PT and chiropractic were going.  I tried not to cry when talking about how badly I just wanted—needed—to run.  She understands.  She is a runner.  She ordered an X-ray.  I questioned why she didn’t order and MRI right away, but she felt more comfortable referring me to Sports Medicine for further evaluation and treatment.  That appointment is next week.

Wednesday:  39 minutes on the bike at the gym.  Then, back to work for the day.  The pain was worse.  I had my TENS unit on.  By the end of the day, it hurt to walk.  The pain had migrated from my hip and my knee was joining in the pity party.  I got the phone call with the results of the X-ray.  “Bones are well-mineralized with no evidence of fracture or dislocation.  Slight degenerative changes are noted at the SI joint.”  So…basically, nothing.  Which is what I expected an X-ray to show. 

Thursday: 40 minutes on the bike with some strength work.  I spent most of the day in the car driving all over.  Then I had PT in the afternoon.  We talked about the X-ray.  We talked about the referral to Sports Medicine.  The PT student did that weird thing with the plunger on my IT band again.  It still feels weird. Since I am not very good at explaining the technique, I found a really cool video that shows pretty much exactly what they do with the plunger.  Check it out!

Friday:  35 minutes on the bike.

Saturday:  60 minutes on the bike.  Only the second time I have ever lasted that long on the stationary bike.  It is monotonous.  And, why does the stationary bike turn off after 60 minutes?  My old treadmill would automatically turn off after 100 minutes.  Do manufacturers think that only crazy people would want to work out for that long?  Or do they think we need a jolt back to reality?  Like maybe I forgot I was still pedaling…  I don’t get it.


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