Oshkosh Half/5K race recap

My birthday weekend.  My plan was to PR at the half marathon.  Instead, I was bummed knowing that I couldn’t run. 

We headed to Appleton Saturday afternoon when Tim got off work.  As is the tradition, we stopped at Noodles and Company to celebrate my birthday!

When we got to my cousin’s house, she had made a cake for my birthday.  Cake and ice cream and not running a half marathon.  I knew I was going to get fat for my birthday!  And it was delicious.  Smile

I got to play with 2/3 of my cousin’s kids.  I seriously love these kids.  They are adorable.  I even got a homemade birthday card and hugs and kisses.  Best. kids. ever.

Logan flat out refused to go to sleep Saturday night.  It was after 10:00 and I finally laid down the law.  I told him to shut up and lay down or mommy was leaving.  I’m not above threats.  I was tired.

Sunday morning, I was up early.  I took a quick shower and got Tim and Jaden up.  They were doing the 5K and I was going to watch.  Even though I couldn’t run, I was still super excited to go and support them. 

We had a quick breakfast and drove the 30 minutes to the Oshkosh Convention Center so we could pick up our packets.  The volunteers looked at me oddly when I went to pick up my half marathon bib wearing jeans.  Jaden had to put his name on a list for a shirt, because they ran out of kids T-shirts. 

Packet pick up went pretty quickly and we headed outside to the starting line.  The weather was cool, but not overly cold.  It had been raining for most of the last day, and up until about an hour before the race started.  The roads were still pretty wet and there were a few puddles that the announcer kept warning people about.

Here are my boys at the start line.

I was pretty bummed to have to sit this one out.

Tim got a great selfie of him and Jaden before the start of the race.  I told them that I would go up a couple blocks to try to get some pictures after the start.

This is another race that my Team Triumph participates in.  I really love this organization and would love to do a race with them some day.  I’ve contacted the organization, but they haven’t been so good at getting back to me.  Of course, right now, I’m not doing any running.

I love this picture of this dog at the start.  He was just pulling and sprinting and definitely got caught up in the excitement of the start line.  I also saw him at the finish line and he was still super excited.

Here come Tim and Jaden.  They were all smiles at the start line. 

Jaden has this habit of running directly in front of you and then slowing down.  I laughed when I caught that in the picture.

I’ve never run the 5K at this event.  Tim said that it isn’t all that interesting…mostly industrial and then it runs along the river for a little while.

While the boys were out on the course, I went back to the car and moved it into the parking lot at the finish.  While it wasn’t all that cold, I wasn’t running and didn’t have warm enough gloves on to keep my fingers from turning into frozen blocks of ice.  I headed to the finish line and watched the winners come in.  It is pretty cool to see these really fast runners come across the finish line.  The overall winner was probably a minute and a half ahead of the 2nd place guy.  And he hardly looked like he had broken a sweat. 

The overall female winner was probably in her early 40’s and the 2nd place female was her teenage daughter.  That was awesome.  At first I thought it was weird that mom wouldn’t want to cross the finish line with her daughter.  Then I realized that mom was probably realizing that her days of being able to beat her daughter were limited and she was taking full advantage of it!

I chatted with some of the other spectators at the finish line while I waited for Tim and Jaden to get there.  When I saw them coming, I started cheering and yelling.  I was so excited to cheer them to the finish line!

Here they come!


I love that Jaden wants to cross the finish line hand in hand.  I realized that the days of him wanting to do that are going to end…probably before I am ready for it.

I walked around the other side of the finish area and got a picture of them afterwards.  I love the smile on Jaden’s face…like he just had the best time ever!

They finished in 36:51.  Not their fastest time, but Jaden didn’t seem interested in a PR on this day.  He just wanted to have a good time.  And I’m pretty sure he did.


*Well organized.

*Great atmosphere.

*Good refreshments afterwards (no beer this year)


*Shirts.  This race has consistently had the worst race shirts.  They are better this year, but still pretty lame.  And Jaden didn’t get his because they ran out.

*Relatively boring course.  But it is pretty flat.

*I didn’t get to run.  Does that count?



I probably would have given it an A Jaden would have gotten his shirt that day.  He really likes to wear his race shirts to school to show his friends.  Regardless, I’m sure we will be back to do this race again.


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