Further diagnosis

So, last week I had an MRI of my hip.  You can read about the process here.  I was hoping that I would get some answers after that MRI, maybe I could get an injection that would help with the pain.  Unfortunately, the results were not encouraging.  I got a letter from the doc with the official results.  She referenced “evidence of resolved subcutaneous hematoma.”  That’s the butt bruise I got at Tough Mudder last fall.  There was some minimal scarring.  But I knew about that.  And that isn’t something that would be causing the pain I was having.

She also talked about some “mild thickening of the right semimembranosus hamstring tendon at its origin.”  Basically where the hamstring muscle meets the butt.  But that isn’t something that would typically cause the pain that I am experiencing.  She felt that in injection would not be of much benefit. Very sad.

“Otherwise the MRI is totally unremarkable.”  This is the biggest bummer.  It means that nothing is really wrong.  And there is nothing that can be done.  Except that there is obviously something wrong.

She did suggest that I continue with physical therapy.  Last week’s therapy session involved us transitioning from focusing on the IT band, to doing some work on the lower back.  Maybe that will help me strengthen that area and possibly get some relief.

She said that I would probably benefit from getting in the pool two or three days a week.  I laughed and asked if she was going to come and make dinner for my family so that I could do that!  I don’t have access to a pool that is open other than a couple hours a week.

Her other suggestion was to pursue a formal running analysis on the treadmill.  This is something that would need to be preapproved by my insurance company…and we know how well that went over with the MRI.  But, I think that it is something that would have value in pursuing.  Unfortunately, at this point, I can’t run without pain, so a running analysis isn’t something I could do anyway.

It is really disheartening to go through all of this and still not have any answers.  And, to top it all off, the other day, my collarbone started hurting.  I woke up Wednesday morning and it was swollen and sore and there was an obvious bump on the right side.  I made an appt to see my provider and she ordered an X-ray to see if it is a stress fracture or something.  So, I had the pleasure of going to the radiology department on my lunch break Wednesday.  Results didn’t show any fracture, but sometimes stress fractures don’t show up right away.  So, I’m using heat and trying to stay away from activities that make it hurt more. 

My wonderful, loving, ever-supportive husband offered to find me a room at a nice nursing home where they could care for my decrepit, falling-apart body.  How nice of him.Smile with tongue out

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