Still training

Sunday: I was bummed that I couldn’t do my planned half marathon on my birthday.  When we got home (Tim and Jaden ran the 5K), I headed to the gym to try to work out.  Managed a 60 minute bike ride.

Monday: Scheduled rest day.  I sat in class all day.  I can’t wait to be done sitting in class for 9-10 hours on Mondays.

Tuesday: 40 minutes on the bike.  And some upper body weights.

Wednesday: 48 minutes on the bike. 

Thursday.  Bike for an hour day.  It’s getting easier to bike for an hour.  If I had more time (that didn’t require me getting up even earlier) it would be easier to bike longer.

Friday: 37 minutes on the bike.  Jaden had an early doctor’s appointment so I knew that my morning was going to have to start earlier than usual.  Kept it short.  It was also physical therapy day.  We talked about everything we have tried over the last couple months to treat my injury.  My symptoms don’t fit into any of the ‘boxes’ that would outline a particular treatment plan.  Basically, if I had ‘X’ injury, it would be treated a certain way, and I could expect results.  Or, if I had ‘Y’ injury, it would be treated a different way, and I could expect results.  But, my injury has defied definition, thus defying conventional treatment options.  The result is that I am still injured and my physical therapist is frustrated that nothing seems to be working.  We settled on trying some deep tissue pressure point massage to the piriformis/glutes for the day.  I had him dig his elbow in.  Really hard.  I think he got a workout.  He told the other therapist that he had never pushed so hard on anyone.  I have another appointment next week.  I told him to hit the weight room in the meantime.  Winking smile

Saturday: 63 minutes on the bike.  Longest ride on the stationary bike.  I realized that if I hit the Start button during the 3 second countdown to the bike shutting off at 60 minutes, I can restart it and keep the cumulative mileage going. 

I really hope that I can start running soon.  I feel like my goals for the year are slipping away from me.  I still really want to run the two marathons I’ve registered for this fall.  But, training needs to start soon.

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