Never ending injury

This week has been a rough one for me.  The pain in my hip/back seems to have gotten worse.  Nothing I do is helping the problem.  I do the PT stretches and exercises.  I use heat on it at night (because it feels better and helps me fall asleep).  But the problems aren’t getting any better.  They may actually be getting worse.

Today I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike for an hour.  While I hate the stationary bike, it has become a necessary evil.  It is the only form of cardio exercise that didn’t cause acute pain.  Until today.  I think I’ll take tomorrow off and see how it feels.  If I go back on Saturday and it hurts while biking I don’t know what I’ll do. 

This has been a miserable experience for me.  I have never had an injury like this.  It isn’t responding to the treatments.  The pain is such that I can’t run through it.  There is no ‘suck it up’ and just get through the workout.  And no one can even tell me what is wrong.

Now the pain is getting to the point that I can’t sit for extended periods of time.  I get uncomfortable really quickly.  I am constantly having to change my position or shift in my chair.  The pain has become a distraction during my daily activities.  Nothing works to alleviate the discomfort.  Last night, I woke up a couple times in the middle of the night because my hip was hurting…and that was after I took some ibuprofen to be able to fall asleep.

So, what can possibly be going on?  I know that I’m not imagining this.  Something is really wrong.  But what is it that wouldn’t show up on the X-ray or the MRI?  Is there another test I should be looking into?  I really don’t know what to do at this point.  I know something is wrong.  I don’t know what it is, but I know my body and I just have an intuition that something isn’t right.

Tomorrow I will be seeing PT and my chiropractor.  I need to see if either of them has any more ideas.  I refuse to accept that this is my new normal.  Not being able to run is one thing, but living with pain is just not something I am willing to deal with.


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