The end of the training

Sunday:  40 minutes on the bike.

Monday:  Rest day.  I sat in class all day.  It was 70 degrees outside for the first time since last fall.  I was cranky.

Tuesday:  Bike for an hour day.  One of the ladies at the gym asked me when I was going to be able to start running again.  She said it had been forever since she had seen me even go near the treadmills.  I didn’t really have an answer for her. 

Wednesday:  42 minutes on the bike

Thursday:  Bike for an hour day.  I made it an hour, but there was no intensity.  My butt bone and my hip started to hurt.  I finished the ride, but decided to take Friday off.

Friday:  The day the training died.  Sad smile  Started with a physical therapy appointment.  Then Chiropractor.  Then massage.  Details will be outlined in another post. 

SaturdaySad smile

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