What I’ve learned…

*Crutches are painful.  It doesn’t matter if you have them correctly sized.  Your hands will get sore from pushing and your arms will get sore from constantly having a crutch between your arm and your body.

*Everything takes at least three times as long as it used to.

*A fanny pack would be awesome. It wouldn’t necessarily need ruffles.  Winking smile

*A third arm would be awesome.

*I can’t carry anything.  I’ve spilled/dropped pretty much everything I’ve tried.  I’ve come to realize that I rarely walk from one place to another without carrying something.  Maybe I need one of those dog-collar-beer-barrel things to put all my stuff in.

*I’m very glad that I have at least moderate upper body strength.  I can push myself up from lying down using my arms and my abs.  I see a lot of people at work who can’t get out of bed if they can’t use one of their legs.  At least I’m not that bad.

*This sucks.


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