Another MRI

This afternoon, I went in for a second MRI to try to diagnose the cause of my hip pain.  After last week’s appointment at Bone and Joint, the doctor felt that it would be beneficial to get some imaging of my lumbar spine.

Since I had an MRI last month, I had a better idea of what to expect this time.  I was at a different facility for this MRI, so the logistics were a bit different.  I got a call this morning asking if I wanted to come in a couple hours earlier, since they had a cancelation.  I secured my dad to watch Logan and went in at 1:15. 

At this facility, they have a mobile MRI unit.  So, I went to the clinic and checked in at Lab/Imaging.  Then one of the MRI techs showed up and walked me down to the bowels of the building and out a service entrance to a back parking lot.  There was the mobile unit.  It is basically a semi trailer with an MRI machine in it. 

There were two techs.  I dropped my purse into a basket and stepped into the far end of the trailer where the MRI was.  They closed the blinds on the window, so I could remove my bra.  Then, they had me lie on the table and they covered me with a sheet.  I was asked to lower my jeans down to about my knees.  One of them handed me the ‘emergency’ button.  The other one gave me some ear plugs to put in because the machine is loud.  I was barely lying down before they started sliding me back into the machine.  The entire preparation couldn’t have taken more than 2 minutes.  They were very rushed and I never really relaxed.

I much preferred the experience I had last month.  There was no jamming along to the Bee Gees this time.  These guys were all business.  They didn’t tell me how many images they were going to take or how long each one would last.  They just said that they would be back in when they were finished and I should try to stay still.  I’m sure they do good work, but the customer service aspect was seriously lacking. 

Now I just have to wait until Friday morning when I have my follow up with the doctor at Bone and Joint.  I am really hoping for some answers.  Even if the diagnosis is not what he originally thought, I hope that the MRI shows something so that we can start to treat it.  I need to see some progress.

On the medication side, I’ve been taking the steroids for the last 6 days.  The side effects really hit me the first two days.  My face was really flushed and I felt like I had to eat everything in site.  But, I did feel a little better.  I started taking the gabapentin a couple days ago.  I haven’t noticed any relief (or any side effects) from that medication.  I am supposed to increase the dosage next week.

I’ll be back with another post after I see the doc on Friday. 

It has been four weeks since I have done any exercise at all.  Right now I’m losing fitness and I hate that.  I wish I had access to a pool.  I’m hoping that maybe the doctor will tell me I can start biking again.  The weather has been beautiful the past few days and I would love a bike ride.  That would really help me to clear my head and regroup my thoughts. 

Wish me luck on Friday!


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